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  1. Thanks Dan and Jim! Much aappreciated, excited to learn from some of the great people on this site and share in this awesome hobby
  2. Thanks Tony. I like a good challenge, sounds like I'm in for one! I'll keep you posted. As I've had a chance now to really dig into this site, there are A LOT of tremendously skilled individuals on here. It's gonna awesome to have such an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to learn from! I'm pretty excited to get on with building!
  3. Really good looking builds. The real general could pass for 1:1 at first glance. I have a question I'm new to this so please understand. I was in Hobby lobby the other day and noticed on the box art deleted the Confederate flag (PC goes just plain stupid sometimes). What I'm asking is would the kit still have the decal inside? Was wondering the same thing about nazi insignia on German aircraft as well. If you know, clue me in; like I said, I am totally new to the Hobby. Thanks
  4. Thanks charlie. Good tip. I'll try that first one i get unpacked and building.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Much appreciated! great tip right from the start! Thanks! Thanks so much for the offer Dann, that's gonna be my first build and I understand many of these old amt mercedes kits are infamous for being warped. Also the box was opened and all the parts were removed from the sprue, couple that with the fact that I'm gonna cut my teeth on that bad boy....don't be surprised to hear back from me!
  6. IMPRESSIVE! I have a LOT to learn!
  7. Really nice work. Awesome root beer paint job! AndI'm LOVING the wood grain! Can you point me to a tutorial on that? I'd love to learn that technique! Thanks ahead of time EEL
  8. Hi All, My name is Shane, I live in Indiana currently, but will soon be relocating to southern Illinois. I'm pretty new to modeling, I'm 43 and have built exactly 2 kits, and that was a few years back. I recently was looking for a better and more productive way to spend my free time, and realized just how much I enjoyed building that "donk" impala and Ferrari f40. A few weeks back, I was in a swap shop, and bought an Original amt 1954 mercedes 300sl from the mid sixties(?)...So I've decided to jump in with both feet and have been researching and shopping for everything I need to start out to t
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