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  1. I'm kinda late responding to this but Last year a good buddy o mine who was big into modeling (actually the guy that got me back into it) passed away. Anyway i bought most of his collection and a 3 ring binder full of slixx decals. I recently moved into a new house but I will try to dig the book out this week and look to see if I have the sheet your looking for. You wouldn't happen to have the slixx number for the sheet you need would you?
  2. Jim your wheels look amazing, awesome machine work your doing and I will deff. be placing some orders with you soon. I have a 1/16th scale Fuel Altered that I will be needing a current set of wheels for. I do have a question for you though what type of Lathe and Mill do you use in producing these? Chris
  3. Stunning Work John, the engines are incredible what did you use in the interior (to mimick the white upholstery on the sides? I'd also like to compliment you on your photography as well every model I've ever seen you post on here the photos look outstanding. Hats off to you Chris
  4. Outstanding work John I always enjoy looking at your builds. Great writeup on you in the mags too, congrats. Chris
  5. The older styles look like distributors but they are deff. magnetos (which is why they usually look so much bulkier under the cap area than a normal distributor does. (edit) Sorry guys I guess I should have read the other responses before answering the question.
  6. Hey Mal, nice work so far can't wait to see how it looks after the bodywork is finished. Great job on gettingthe body to sit right those kits are notorious for having the tailend hiked a scale 3 ft higher than they should be. Would you mind posting the contact info for the gentleman that's doing the 1/16th Etch metal/ Resin pieces your speaking of? I'd like to see some of his pieces and place an order for a few 1/16th scale FC's I'm planning to build. Thanks Chris White
  7. Beautiful work on this build David!!!! I've always liked how this kit depicted the front wheel offset (another Big Daddy) what a pioneer he was to the sport. I'm sure he will be thrilled with your build Chris
  8. Coming along nicely Sean. Great work on the suspension the stance looks great. Can't wait to see more of this build. Chris
  9. My best friend from High School now runs a Body Shop and he used to carry "the treatment" wax for 1:1 autos. I realized that this was the same wax I had purchased previously (at a hobby shop) in a much smaller bottle for 4 times the price ! I purchased a large container of this stuff for 1:1's almost 8years ago and I still have plenty left. I personally favor Novus #2 and #1 polish over the carnuba waxes in most (but not all) cases now. Chris
  10. Looks like the guy tuning really knew what he was doing I have a traxxas Jato with the 3.3 in it I run it on 30% and with a slightly rich ( safe ) tuneup it makes so much power you can't keep the front end on the ground. I can't for the life of me figure out why somone would spend that kind of cash on an RC and disregard the break in and tuning instructions????? But hey he did provide the customer with a really nice wrist pin inspection port (HOLE) LOL Chris
  11. David thanks for the reply I will deff. have to order a set or two of those tires from the modelhaus now. Ironically I just walked into the house from watching the real 1:1 pullers just like these tonight and man you scale version is looking dead on bud. Outstanding work and I like the contrasting paint colors you chose. keep up the awesome work Chris
  12. I have an additional way to simulate that trim that I thought I'd pass along to you. I was looking for something to use on musclecars to simulate all the chrome trim on muscle cars that (just as in your case) for whatever reason failed to get molded into the kit interiors. What I found worked best for me is some stuff called line-o-tape. It comes in an actual chrome finish I use the .010 size mostly for replicating the pieces similar to the seat chrome like your doing. The great thing about it is the adhesive is strong enough so it stays put, it conforms to curves easily and you don't have to worry about any glue "fogging" on your painted seats. If you can't find the tape at your LHS let me know through an e-mail and I'll try to get you the companys address. hope this helps. Chris
  13. Looks great so far Charlie the blackwash really brought out the depth. The fuel lines and fittings on the stacks look perfect as well nice work Chris
  14. David, I,ve seen a few guys build these and I always thought it would be cool to try one since every summer the NTPA makes a stop about 15 minutes from my home. My holdup has always been the tires where do you find those at? Great Job so far. Chris
  15. Man that's an awesome start on what's sure to be one wicked ride!!!! The twin turbo setup is gonna make that thing into a beast for sure!!! It doesn't look like you will need any but if you'd like some ref. pics of some turbo setups I have some that I took of the ORSCA Outlaw 10.5 and Limited street cars last time we had the Pro Mod at the track here. If you think you can use them for your project e-mail me at V8horsepowercj@bellsouth.net Keep up the awesome work. Chris
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