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  1. On 7/9/2024 at 8:18 AM, Anglia105E said:

    The ' walls ' between the square sockets and the underside roof channel have been removed, using a mini drill and grind stone . . . Also, some further material has been removed from the top surfaces of the door posts. Test fitting revealed a slight improvement, but not really anything significant . . .

    All four doors are closing more satisfactorily, apart from the passenger side rear door, which almost closes. Forcing that door closed results in the rear section of the upper body lifting slightly . . .

    I would say that the driver's side doors do fit better than those on the passenger side. This might be as far as I can go for now . . .












  2. On 5/24/2024 at 5:37 PM, Anglia105E said:

    Well, I just returned from my annual holiday trip, which extended to 10 days as things turned out . . . Within 24 hours I was back at the workbench, as progress resumed on the Rolls-Royce Phantom III . . . Like a dedicated model builder I was determined to press on.

    Today was all about applying Tamiya Polishing Compound to the outer cream door panels. The inner door panels have not yet been glued in place, because I needed to grip the doors firmly in order to apply the polishing compound properly, and the chrome door handles would have been easily damaged. I used all three grades, so Coarse, Fine and Finish, and I can see a significant improvement . . .

    With the doors polished, I set up a simple mock up of the passenger side doors with the upper and lower body. Also, test fitted the inner door panels on the driver's side.







    In my research for the kit, I noted that the bottom horizontal strip of the door interior uses carpet material. Not important, but any plans for that?

  3. 16 hours ago, Anglia105E said:

    First of all, the Humbrol Matt Brown enamel was applied over the matt white enamel of the division part, along the top section. This was done with a soft brush and a thin coat, which established a random patchy effect . . . Then I applied Humbrol Dark Earth Matt enamel over the matt brown enamel while it was still tacky, by using a dabbing / dappling motion . . . The same brush was used to apply a dry brush technique, which brought out the lighter tones of the matt brown, and this was further enhanced by the matt white underneath. Once the division was completed, I repeated the method for the dashboard and the four interior door panels. This is by far the best method of creating a burr walnut effect that I have used, and the real secret I believe is the matt white base coat . . .Previously I would have started with a dark base coat and added lighter coats of paint over it, but the white works much better.

    Moving on to the carpets, I removed all of the masking tape and trimmed the edges of the blue felt with a scalpel knife, ready for painting . . . Having considered various different shades of brown enamel paints, I decided to use Vallejo acrylic Burnt Umber and this was thinned with water. The acrylic paint was dabbed onto the carpet felt and not brushed much. I was pleased with the result, which has to compliment the leather effect as well as the burr walnut effect . . . 

    Everything has been left to dry overnight, and following the 24 hours drying time the yacht varnish will be applied over the six burr walnut parts, to produce a high gloss polished finish.











    Wow. The best hand-painted wood pattern I'ver ever seen.

  4. The canvas roof cover isn't really supposed to be roll-back. I've read that cars of the day had that feature because molding a slightly curved metal roof of that size was technologically difficult at the time, so there was a hole in the roof, supported underneath with wood beams, then covered inside with a headliner.

    As for the wood, wouldn't the original version have a mush glossier shine?

  5. 4 minutes ago, Anglia105E said:

    Thank you Skip, and you are right about the seating fabric, many Phantom III cars would have leather for the front driver's seat and then cloth covered seats in the rear compartment behind the division . . . Many cars would have leather for both front and rear seats. Thanks for the photo, and the interior colour matches the shade of brown that I have chosen, so I am pleased about that !



    I have lots of interior, mechanical diagrams and other images of other PIII cars, which I'd be glad to share. I don't know how far you want to go in detail, but you could add things like the slide-out ashtrays in the rear armrests, lighted rear vanity mirrors on the back pillars, intercom between passenger and driver seats when the division window is rolled up, etc.

  6. There's certainly an American influence on the car. According to a book on the PII and PIII by Whitaker and Stuckey, "it was owned for many years by the San Antonio aircraft designer and manufacturer Ed Swearingen." On another note, I have never been able to find interior shots of the car except for this fuzzy one, which shows brown leather. (It's possible that typical of a saloon with division, the back seat could be covered in cloth of a different color.

    Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 9.15.08 AM.png

  7. 7 hours ago, Bugatti Fan said:

    Thanks for your reply Francois.

    I think you already know of John Teresi's Bentley build that I have also followed, and I will now also be following your build.

    Also I will be looking at what Nick is developing to sell for the Bentley. One of the things he has been working on is a replacement radiator shell where Airfix got the position of the Bentley badge hopelessly wrong. It is one of those things that has been criticised many times down the years. The funny thing is that Airfix changed the number plate a few years back but did not correct the radiator shell at the time.

    It was about the registration number, the original one now owned by Ralph Lauren. One of the executives at Airfix, a Bentley owner, had them change the number to the one he had. They didn't spend the money to make other changes.

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