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  1. Any idea on how to replicate the highly polished sheet metal on the famous Star of India Rolls, which is available in 1/8 Pocher and 1/24 Italieri versions? Looks like too much area for BMF to work, and I haven't seen Alclad jobs that are that reflective. http://allthecars.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/rolls-royce-phantom-ii-1934-star-of-india-01.jpg
  2. Ultraslick. I normally don't like this kind of car, but this shows great judgement and building skill in everything from the color choices to the fine detail work. Outstanding.
  3. That is fantastic. How come some of the world's best modelers come from Finland? Need something to do when you're snowed in? PS – is there any record of what the interior looks like?
  4. Does anyone know of a custom resin casting service (affordable)? I have a kit version of the diecast Bburago Bugatti Atlantic that's going to be a real bear to make acceptable – cutting, drilling, etc. (Built version of the kit attached).
  5. Just amazing. Has anyone done a scale diorama of a model car builder's workshop? That would be interesting.
  6. I thought you would enjoy seeing the work of a builder who does outstanding cars and dioramas, specializing in Porsches. http://993c4s.com/porsche-culture/a-masters-degree-in-extreme-porsche-modeling/
  7. That's fascinating. I would assume, therefore, that the wide variations in existing vintage Bugattis probably have something to do with the restorations rather than the original colors, which is pretty much the way it goes with these things. Here's another angle from www.type35.co.uk... "What is Bugatti Blue? I would like to start up a little debate regarding the correct Bugatti blue colour.As far as I can see, a number of colours have been used over the past 80 years, my particular quest is the correct colour for a 1925 T35. Well, the only actual Bugatti Blue colour code I have come across is the one used on the 100P aeroplane, developed by Dupont, their code is S55959-UM, and the name is, of course, "Bugatti Aircraft Blue". When it comes to the colours of the racing cars, there really isn't any one Bugatti Blue, as this colour evolved over time. It started out quite light, or pale, sometimes called "horizon blue". On photos of the first Type 35s at Lyon in 1924, the cars look almost white - while it became darker, and more purple, with time, to end up something like all the Bugatti racers in the Schlumpf collection. You may have heard of the story of Mrs. Bugatti, who was supposedly in charge of the Bugatti Blue colour, using the blue of the packets of her French cigarettes Gauloises (she was in good company as Jean-Paul Sartre and Pablo Picasso were also fans). I thought I would investigate this story and contacted the present owners of the Gauloises brand "Altadis SA". Their archive department was extremely helpful providing a picture of a 1925 version of the packet (colour match on the computer is not quite right, but is close and has been checked by a Kodak expert I know) as original. The colour is nice, but I think a bit strong when compared with the b/w photos of the era. "
  8. Yup. It covers a wide variety of shades, just as French racing blue applies to Bugatti.
  9. I also like the idea of doing a somewhat funky, period-correct color scheme, such as body-color wire wheels as seen in the maroon car above (silver or chrome wires are too expected). I've seen two SS100 color schemes I'd like to do – Ivory with red interior and red wire wheels, and deep dark green body and wheels with a saddle interior. Black with a red interior is also very nice on this car.
  10. Above, typical maroon, though I have seen darker shades. I have pics of many other colors, but the fact is that you could order anything you wanted. I have a very large digital reference file and I would be happy to burn a CD for you if you send your mailing address to sjordan47@dnp.com. If you have access to an ftp site where I could upload the material, that would be even better (nearly 500 MB).
  11. Here's some factory color scheme info (this is my first attachment on this forum; let's see if it works) Just a little note about the interior that is hard to see in photos and is often overlooked in building this model: the aft-facing side of the seat backs, and the bench area behind the seats, are finished in carpet fabric.
  12. Silver is very cool as is BRG, but I've seen a few that have a factory dark olive green that is very nice. Here's a typical BRG: http://www.theautochannel.com/news/2005/07/27/138525.19-lg.jpg This shot shows the accurate convertible top, which isn't well done in the kit: http://public.fotki.com/Zincs/sandiegojaguars080706/1939jaguarss100otsg-8.html It's hard to tell on my screen, but this appears to be the darker green: http://www.classicandperformancecar.com/front_website/octane_interact/picture.php?getid=7125&table=cars http://vietbao.vn/support/js/view_image.html?http://www2.vietbao.vn/images/oto/sanh_dieu/61001794_Jaguar_SS_100.jpg
  13. Absolutely killer. So many things are just right, things that tend to be overlooked, such as the weatherstripping around the bumpers. I bet the interior is just as outstanding.
  14. Can't you get a replacement window frame from modelmotorcars? They must have tons of spare parts.
  15. I once had a neighbor who had a beautiful 1:1 version with this same color scheme. It was a "mild custom," too (air conditioning, killer stereo and speakers and, oh, yeah – he had turned the cover of the continental kit into a working clock with gold-plated numbers and hands). PS – I forgot to add that the thing had real gold-plated trim everywhere, including badging/nameplates, instrument gauge bezels, etc. I don't remember what the replacement engine was. I got to ride in it and it was smooth as silk.
  16. Have you checked out Gunther Schlegelmilch's awesome photography of this car (and others)? http://www.schlegelmilch.com/archive/index.php?automobile=1 Click on picture archive and select make & model.
  17. Hang in there. The first time I ever saw a Pocher model was a display version of this same Mercedes, under glass, at F.A.O. Schwartz in New York about 30 years ago (black and tan like yours). It literally blew me away. I must have spent half an hour looking it over and I've never forgotten it. This one's worth the effort. PS: I saw in your door shot that you have a can of Model Master transparent black tint. How did you use this?
  18. Have you conferred with the guys at modelmotorcars.com about your door problem? Marvin Meit has been responsive to my inquiries in the past.
  19. This makes my head hurt. How's the Rolls coming?
  20. Beautiful paint on the Karmann Ghia. What is it? I assume it's a pearl since there's no visible metal flake.
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