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  1. I used to use UV erasers for E-Proms and Micros when I was working. They were very expensive. Now retired, cost has to be low. Still a 15W UV grow bulb and fixture is >$15 and does not concentrate the rays in a small area. DIY photoetching normally is done on small projects. With the one shown you can expose a 6x6 area. I just ordered one for $13.96 with shipping. Ron
  2. The purpose would be for Photo etching. Like the Micro Mark photoetch kit, the instructions say to expose it outdoors. Living in the north east, the sunlight is unreliable. Using a UV light would be more reliable for light output and time of exposure. Besides, grow light cost more that $15 when you add up the cost of lamps and fixtures.
  3. These are UV lamps used to dry acrylic gel for fingernails. They are UV, 405nm, 36W. They cost ~$15 36W Acrylic Nail Art UV Lamp Curing Light Gel Polish Dryer With Timer + 4 Bulbs .gh-hide-if-nocss{display:none;}.gh-ar-hdn{color:#fff} Skip to main content
  4. Has any one tried using the UV lamps used for finger nails for a light source in Photo Etching?
  5. I have looked at these sites and they have very little that can be used in modeling. It would be nice if we, who have 3D printers, share designs and are willing to help others with 3D parts. A place for this would be helpful. Ron
  6. With the advent of 3D printers. Can a site be created to share designs, ask 3D questions, or help others for repair parts or ideas?
  7. Hi Richard,

    I'm planning a trip to Seneca, Pa to visit my aunt. I would like to meet you and see your collection.

    You can reach me at Shaul@rochester.rr.com

    I've been making models since the 60's and I would like to show you some of my ideas.




  8. I wish they would come out with some Hudson Trucks. I learned to drive in a 47 Hudson Pickup when I was 8. (Grandfathers Farm)
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