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  1. My camaro is currently at the paint shop. Final layer of paint went on last night. The camaro will make it to the starting grid :)

    I wish I had your luck. First coat of paint wrinkled which may keep me from finishing. :rolleyes:

  2. Thanks guys!

    I figured you were like most of us at your age and some cute girl caught your eye and you left us behind! :D

    Glad you are back, have you done any more work to your 1:1 pickup lately?

    Well that's true but no luck yet :(:lol:

    Haven't done a ton to the truck, I think it's got a few bad lifters and I decided I'm going to swap in a 6.0 LS from a new Silverado. With the mods I want to do to this motor, it should put me up in the 450 hp range :D (Great, all that means is speeding tickets when I get my license...)

  3. Can I rejoin...again? lol


    Hopefully this isn't too far along? Big block will be ditched in favor of LSX, and I'm not so sure if I'm keeping the color yet. Thinking maybe silver. Beside that, the chassis is painted with very little suspension work done..but some of the rear will have to be redone to fit some fatter tires in if I go that route.

  4. Thanks for the words everyone :)

    I'm pretty sure I'll come back, I've always read here on the forum that most people do return after a break! Recently I had an almost finished 70 Camaro model, nothing was going right in the final assembly. So I lost it and I threw it across the room :lol:

    Mike, I was going to enter the Gearz contest but I couldn't make up my mind and I didn't have the time :lol:

    You and I have had differences in the past, but let me tell you this (and I hope it makes sense to you);

    I work two jobs (one in aviation and the other in Mustang-specific/FOX Mustang rebuild/modify) and work on my 1:1 daily drivers and 3 project cars/bikes. That is why I don't get a lot of building done. When I find the 'stress' of any one of my hobbies creeping in, it is usually because of people and my self-induced 'expectations' they hold for me. When that phantom stress creeps in, I simply go silent/dark for a while. I am still building/working, just not in the 'public' eye and under the 'scrutiny' of it. Without that, the implied stress melts away and I start to enjoy what I am doing again.

    Holding a hobby to the 'false' feelings of self-induced stress is NOT where you want your head and heart to be. TRUST ME.


    I tried to send you a PM some time back but it wouldn't let me.

    So I'll just say it here.

    I'd like to apologize for being an a-hole in the past, I don't know why I was really stupid enough to argue with somebody who knows more about that kind of stuff than I do. So I sincerely apologize for that. :)

  5. Need to take a break.

    Don't know when I'll come back to building, but I will at some point. It's far too stressful for someone like me who has a temper. Between working on my 1:1, school, and job, I just simply don't have a lot of time right now.

    I'll still check back on the forum once in a while, but for now I'm boxing all my models till I get the "bug" again.



  6. Thanks to Gregg and all the mods keeping the forum going. I know it's gotta be tough managing a magazine AND a forum.

    While I don't know exactly what went down a couple days ago, I will say that back some time ago I caused a lot of drama, and if you guys didn't see my post I made about it, I sincerely apologize for being a know it all jerk.

    I am glad the forum came back! It would have been terrible to lose a such a great resource.


  7. It would be great if GM would put the light dimming switch back on the floorboard. My all time favorite joke but is outdated.

    General Motors announced today that it would be putting the light dimmer switch back on the floorboard of it's vehicles as there are too many(place favorite school name here, Purdue University for example) engineering graduates getting their feet tangled up in the steering wheel.

    :lol: I actually prefer the floor-dimming switch!

    I'm glad production is coming back to the US...I hope EVERY company does this gradually...

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