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  1. Any news Shawn, on production, cost of model, or shipping? I'm still very interested.

  2. Hi who do you use for photo-hosting please? I presently use Fotki, bur have been having various problems where I've opened an album under the kit name but each time I want to add to that album as I build it, it opens another album, rather than add the photo's to the original! I have sent two inquiries to Fotki, but they haven't answered! I originally used Photo Bucket but they increased the annual cost and deleted all of my previous photo's!

  3. Hi Shawn, How's it going with the Bobber Farm Truck. Have you any signs of production or getting one for me to the UK yet?

  4. Hi skipstitch,

    Any further thoughts on another being made for export to the UK?

    Merry Christmas by the way to you and yours.


  5. Hi skipstitch, Firstly it looks great, my sort of model, cartoonish!

    Yes I'm in the UK, but as you say it could go by either boat or plane, but as a pensioner money might be too tight. But never mind that, is it a 3D creation, and what scale might it be and what sort of money?

    Pat Wickham Buckingham UK

  6. Birthday 17/03/1948

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