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  1. Thanks Jim B. Yes a very nice postcard find.
  2. Well I have contemplated building my first dropped/lowered frame/chassis!
  3. A card from our recent visit to Helsinki..
  4. Yes Carl to go with the other two. but how to build it?
  5. There were lots of us, those based in London mostly that were part of that movie!
  6. I've just caught up with this section and I'm so impressed not only with the video but the models on there, thanks for showing this!
  7. Thanks Jim. I made a mistake of writing it down. In fact I've found Magster so have downloaded a digital version.
  8. Brilliant video, as we don't get the magazine here in the UK.
  9. That is just beautiful! Here in the UK we had five in the family, my wife and I had three over a number of years and our youngest son had two, a Cal Look black saloon, lowered with Centreline rims and a Californian import Beetle Karman Cabrio, that he ran out of cash and sold it part finished!
  10. It's a great pity that these kits can't be found here in the UK.
  11. Test fitting.. Another 2CV spare shell, attempt corrugated bodyshell!
  12. PatW

    Rolife Greenhouse

    Yes Anthony lots of bits, but following the instruction booklet allows it to be built well and with great satisfaction. Now inside the Rolife Cube purchased separately. Pride of place in our front room!
  13. Any news Shawn, on production, cost of model, or shipping? I'm still very interested.

  14. PatW

    Rolife Greenhouse

    Cheers Tony K. This is the kit.. Yes lots of parts and mostly very fiddly parts, but worth it in the end!
  15. Yes great project, as you can see I've just finished Cathy's Flower House or to me a Garden Greenhouse also by Rolife. Super kits so enjoy.
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