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    AMT Tee Vee Buggy

    Thanks Bob. Yes a nice kit everything fits OK although the chrome plating is thick to file off to stick things together.
  2. Built initially box stock but, I've added a strip of box section evergreen rod between the chassis and body to give more ground clearance, a coffee stick rear floor and box to carry stuff and a few AMT & star decals. Oh and an old surfboard!
  3. AMT Tee Vee Buggy. a few things left to do, windscreen, number plate, rear lights etc. I took out the woody decal and replaced it with wood strips.
  4. It was for Beer now it's for Monster Energy drink. As if rescued from a local scrap yard, the rear bed has new wood, but the cab, chassis and some of the chains are still a bit rusty.
  5. Superb finish of a superb car. A friend used to have one in rally spec and used it in competition on a regular basis in the same era.
  6. Cheers guys. Yes a very nice kit to build!
  7. Yes peteski, so I'm looking to build a diorama to fit the new inside space.
  8. I'm fascinated by seeing more and more modified Hot Wheels diecasts. They seem tiny to me so how are they done? I'll have to look on YouTube to see if they are any on video. So whilst shopping at Tesco's this morning I spotted this Porsche 914 in Safari form. At just £1.50 I'm also surprised to see them at this cheaper price.
  9. Taking photo's of my latest build using my new LED light box..
  10. I just went onto Google search and put in the question, 'Light Boxes' and all manner of answers came up. I just plumped for this one as it serves my purpose.. It unfolds into.. And has various coloured backgrounds and a flat carry case..
  11. Thanks guys, it's a very nice kit to build although all of the instructions are in Chinese/Japanese!
  12. Built box stock, fully painted and decaled, the one thing that I like the most is that the front and rear windows are given four decals each black surround. The bit I hate most about building model cars is painting the black windscreen surrounds, so decals are A1! Photo's via new light box! I hope to get used to the new light box and improve on my pictures!
  13. Although being a builder for 60+ years I'm amazed at diorama's and getting good photo's. So I've bought a light box.. And used it for the first time today as I'd just finished a build. It has various coloured backgrounds so tried each colour with the same subject. I'm now going to try a few other shots using a small tripod. Unfortunately my one and only 'backstreet garage' is too bix to fit the new toy!
  14. Most if not all decals done after fitting body to chassis.. Superb decals, the best ones are those black strips around the front and rear windscreens. I hate trying to paint them!
  15. I've looked at the info shown on the link above and as our eldest son lives in Calgary, I copied it and emailed to him! It's impressive work.
  16. Thanks Sam, yes it's the same model of BMW our youngest son had, but his was red.
  17. Further to above photo.. Test fit body with glass before adding bonnet and front and rear bumpers,
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