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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking to expand my "Model Show Dealers" (U.S. only) so if you're an established dealer/vendor that does a good number of shows in your region per year (not 2 or 3) and can provide proof as such I would love to talk with you. Our products move very well and would be a great opportunity for those that qualify. You can send me an email at address below if interested. protech_modelproducts@yahoo.com Thanks, Charlie Pro Tech LLC protechmodelparts.com
  2. This is the Revell snap-together 2015 Mustang kit. This was my first try with aftermarket parts: wheels, tires, and disc brakes & calipers; photo-etched radio dial, speaker grills, and various Mustang emblems; military lenses for the front lights positioned under the grill; and acetate instrument panel dials. The rear-view and side mirrors are from an unbuilt ’69 Mustang kit. I drilled holes in the side mirrors and receiving holes in the body and used thin pieces of wire to act as pegs for mounting. I fabricated exhaust pipes from aluminum tubing. I found some photos of the real headlights, printed them out and cut them to size for the body openings. For the back license plate, I used photo-etched Mustang and GT emblems on the plate holder from the unbuilt ’69 kit. The paint is Testors Mystic Emerald green.
  3. I've got a nice set of turned aluminum wheels with photoetch centers. So how do you go about mounting these - they don't have mounting pins or sockets. Do you cut the center hub off the kit wheels and glue them? I'm building Garlits 09 Challenger and need to figure this out. The wheels in this pic are resin, but I got some nice aluminum ones Thanks, John Wheels are kinda like these :
  4. I’m just wondering where I can find some better parts for super detailing a 1992 Pontiac. I’m using the ‘92 Rusty Wallace Pontiac for the base and doing a ‘92 Petty Nascar. I am trying to find a better rear end that I see on some of other super detailed projects from guys like Clay Kemp. Also the billet oil tank, and billet pulleys for the engine.
  5. Hello, to everyone expecting to use Red Frog Hobbies,I ordered a Ford Gt resin kit from them, ,august 18 2017 expecting about 2 -4 wks and it would show up as has in the past,,,guess what no one told anybody ownership had changed,FOR THE WORSE!!! 12 emails later no response! Do not use red frog hobbies!!!!
  6. When did aftermarket racing style bucket seats first appear? Here are some aftermarket racing style (to differentiate them from custom type bucket seats) found in 1/24 and 1/25 scale kits, and a list of the kit(s) in which they were included (click twice on the image to enlarge): Revell '56 Chevy MPC '69 Mustang Revell Henry J, Willys pickup, Austin AMT '70s Chevy Camaro kits AMT Competition T-Body Parts Pack . AMT '69 Corvair AMT '69 Chevelle SS 396 MPC '67 GTO . AMT '55 Nomad MPC Mustang II AMT Wynn's Jammer MPC Pro Stock Chevy Vega MPC 1967 Bonneville - Hardtop and Convertible . Revell Parts Pack, '31 Woody/Tudor/Sedan Delivery
  7. I've never entered a contest, but seeing the incredible 3D printed engine by Mad Mike in Under Glass (do take a look) made me think that if products like this become available, how can a contest judge make valid comparisons except in box stock classes? Of course, even there you could have people getting someone else to paint their model, etc.
  8. I am in the process of building the Lindberg 67 Olds 442. Im trying out my first PE set, from Model Car Garage. In the PE set are the 3 spokes for the steering wheel center. Do I cut away the rim and use the PE set or does it go over the stock part? Also, any suggestions on how to polish/buff the parts would be appreciated. Actually, any tips any one has on using PE would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. I'm looking for aftermarket or kit sources for putting wide performance tires on a 49 mercury...but with a wide whitewall. It's a custom build with a turbo Porsche V-10, so I'm talking mini-tub width on the rear...but I don't want the super skinny sidewall like you'd see on most performance tires. But I also don't want the high sidewall look like stock...somewhere in between. Everything I can find (kit or aftermarket) is either wide tread and skinny sidewall, or enough sidewall but narrow tread. I am toying with cutting a pair of leftover kit tires down to make one wider tire, and then cast it, but it isnt going well. Any thoughts? Here's sort of the look I want...not too much sidewall, but enough for the stripe... What I DON'T want...
  10. Just wanted to say hello to everyone here at MCM. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Jim Riverview Hobbies
  11. Being I'm within the first four months of being into this hobby and have taken a liking to race cars with Nascar top priority to this point, I know very little about after market, detailing or photo etched parts for the Nascar kits. How or should I say what is the way to find out ALL the after market, detailing, or photo etched parts available for Nascar kits in the scale model hobby ? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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