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Found 10 results

  1. Fire up the Quattro! Here’s my build of the Tamiya Audi Quattro Coupe. It’s painted Tamiya TS-8 Italian Red with two coats of future. This kit builds up very nicely with plenty of detail despite the low parts count. I was pleasantly surprised that the decals worked nicely with no tearing, since most of the decals from older kits I’ve built disintegrated. I built this kit as a gift for my stepdad, as he owned a red ‘89 model during the ‘90s in the UK before he moved to the US. He sold it to his dad, who daily drove it until 2005 when it was unfortunately totaled in a crash. His parents luckily walked away unscathed, which they attributed to the car’s build quality. He always says it was the best car he’s ever owned so I know he’ll love it!
  2. Good Afternoon, I photographed the completed Audi R8 this weekend. It was painted with Tamiya FS Primer Light Grey, AK Black Base, AK Xtreme Metal Copper and clear coated with Tamiya X-22 Clear. The rims were primed and base coated the same as the body and painted with AK Xtreme Gun Metal. Interior is Tamiya Flat Black and a custom mixed saddle (homemade brown + Tamiya XF-3 Flat Yellow). The flat black was very flat so I coated it with Tamiya X-35 Semi Gloss Clear. The embossing powder is Ranger Marigold purchased from Amazon. What I learned from this build: 1. Plastic does not like lacquer thinner (probably obvious to many, but I'm still figuring things out). I wasn't happy with the way the hatch/rear engine cover turned out because I sprayed it independently from the body. My usual paint stripper (LA's Totally Awesome) wouldn't remove the AK Copper so I upped the hotness... bad idea. I tried to scratch build a new one with less than great results. I avoided photographing the car from angles that show the poor fit. I may try again. 2. Not sure I like dipping glass parts in Pledge - it looks great at first but tends to pool just a little due to gravity and doesn't like to be handled afterward as fingers leave faint, cloudy smudges (maybe it's just me). 3. Make sure to paint the interior floor pan the same colour as the embossing powder. 4. Double check bottle labels!! I tried Tamiya's Mark Fit Strong for the first time. I had a little air/dust bubble under the carbon fibre decal (behind the gas cap) so I poked a little hole in it and applied what I thought was the decal solution... Tamiya Extra Thin Cement is pretty tough on decals. 🥴 5. Regular Elmer's white glue does a pretty nice job on clear parts... just have to apply a little more. 6. This was the first time I painted rims and I think I will continue going forward. 7. I still don't like AK's Black Base... it just doesn't cover very well or lay super flat (in my novice opinion). If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. 🙂
  3. What a lucky bloke. I know he has worked hard to get this far in his career. Audi just signed him up, his first videos are very exciting, and he is so humble. I've been a fan of rally more than other leagues, I have kits of the most famous Quattro waiting for me, so of course I think this is super cool. How crazy that the factory let him thrash (politely) museum cars. Insurance must have cost a fortune. 😳
  4. Did not see that anyone has shown this particular Audi Quattro kit, which is a low volume resin kit made in France. It represents the pinnacle of the Group B rally cars, infamously called Killer B due to extreme performance mixed with stupid spectators standing on the edge of the roads. I'm planning to build Walter Roehrl's car, with appropriate "weathering". This model has the engine, some other kits do not. I am going to use the Facebook embed method, since I've noticed old posts using photo hosting sites are now useless, and I don't want to use up my allotted space on this forum. I have basic descriptions on each of my photos. (if this does not work, please let me know)
  5. This has been hanging around the workbench since November of 2017. Good to have it completed and under glass.
  6. I started this in November of 2017 so I figured I’d better finish it before I start any new kits. So far it has been going together just fine and the only incident was yesterday when I dropped the hood on the carpet after the final coat of red. Into the alcohol bath it went and I repainted it this morning. I love all the crazy aero stuff on these cars.
  7. Just an easy quickie 2-day build. Audi R8 Snaptite- detailed a little... Painted Duplicolor Universal White with clear. Carbon-fiber side sails and roof. Added red accent stripe, red accent interior Ashoima wheels with red edge accent. This is the BASIC Snaptite kit with silver painted headlights, I scraped that off and detailed behind the "glass" bezel with painted spots and Evergreen tubing for the HID
  8. Hello, I've just joined this forum, and I wanted to share some of my models with you. I built this at the start of the year and finished it about two months ago. It is Revell's 2009 Audi A4 DTM. I converted this from Timo Schneider's matt black car to Mattias Ekström's very striking Red Bull sponsored car. I wrote an article on this model, which featured in the latest issue of the IPMS(UK) magazine. This has been one of the most fun I've had whilst building a model, and it certainly has the best colour scheme of any model I've built! I am currently having a break from motorsport models and building two Revell kits side-by-side, the 2010 Camaro SS and 2013 Mustang Boss 302. I'll post a WIP of those up on here soon. Thanks, Jake
  9. Hi. i am new in this but i learn so dont be to critic this is in box
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