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Found 6 results

  1. My two most recent completions. A 1991 Pontiac Firebird Formula that I picked up for $5.00 and a 2001 Corvette Z06 that has been on the shelf for a long time. The Firebird got wheel well flares and a front air dam and the hood bulge was raised. Doors were opened and hinged as was the rear hatch. Wheels are Aoshima 20-inch RTM. Interior is Tamiya Dull Red, exterior is Krylon Color Maxx Gloss Classic Gray topped with clear mixed with pearl micro flakes. The flams are a hybrid of airbrushed and brush painted Tamiya white, yellow, orange with some red highlights and some dark charcoal smoke. All topped with clear The Corvette is very similar with the same kind of body mods and opening doors and trunk. Interior is black and white Tamiya paints. The exterior is Krylon Color Maxx Satin Jade topped with clear mixed with Micro Blue and Green Micro Perl flakes. The flames are also a hybrid airbrush and brush with Tamiya White, custom mixed light blue, and light pinkish purple with highlights of Violet India ink and then charcoal smoke, topped with clear. Wheels are from a Corvette and the side pipe is aluminum tubing bent to fit. The rear wing and supports are scratch built
  2. Since I have had nothing but problems posting pictures from my Google (have I mentioned how much I dislike Google before?) account, I figured I would give you guys the link to the album where the pictures reside It is a Revell Prowler, with flames and a V8 installed (Mopar 340) and I photographed it later with the two other cars I did using Prowler headlights. the pictures should be here....https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN5WqPwoH7KyLKncwK8Ej3bLwFSwtuCwAo7zjjwox_he1NmxHKMzS8Rov29eeeZzQ?key=NU1TcXc5M2NIWm9BXzlJSWNqODNyX3VrYWsxWk1n Hopefully, you will be able to see them, if not, sorry. Any questions, let me know.
  3. My first build of 2018. I need a break from chrome, now! I added a frenched antenna, parts box wheels, modified grill and used a mask, for the flames. A Detail Master PE set topped it off. I hope you like it
  4. I have had this kit on the shelf for over 20 years, finally got around to building it. opened the doors and hinged them with struts "Lambo" style. Opened the rear hatch and added struts. Raised the center of the hood. Added wheel well flairs and ground effects to the front spoiler and side rockers. Added two center road lights to where the front license plate would go ala the C5-R race car style. The window surrounds were made from photo etched "sprue" since the plastic ones, which were actually cut out, proved to be far too fragile once paint was applied to them... they became too brittle and needed to be replaced. Added Pegasus 23" Phat Daddies wheels.(number 2303) The paint.... base coat of a custom mixed Tamiya light purple. The flame masks were custom made in the computer and cut out of vinyl and applied over the front of the car. The flame area was painted with Tamiya Lemon Yellow and white sprayed through an airbrush. Once dry, the masks were removed and clear red, orange and yellow were applied. The yellow has some pearl "ice" flacks in it. The back end of the car got a bit of clear blue over it to darken it. The entire car was cleared with 3 coats of Tamiya clear to seal it. Finished build. P.S. I have to fix the one exhaust pipe that sticks out too far. There you have it.
  5. Found this kit at my local Olies store for cheap. I picked it up a while back and put it on the shelf. I spent some time thinking about how could I make it better. I painted it two-toned and took some flame decals I had laying around and put on the sides. My son suggested that maybe I put a GT Wing on the back. So I got started with the most ridicules wing I have ever seen. I did some research and scaled the measurements down, but it still seems a bit large, maybe next time I'll make it a bit smaller. Overall the kit went together nicely with the exception of the glue bomb on the back bumper, because it was warped slightly. The wing is 100% custom from sheets of styrene and small I-beams. I chromed the entire engine. I had recently made a new diorama and decided to take some pictures of the SSR on it. Out for a Sunday drive with the top down and the wing at home.
  6. Here´s my version of this kit. Almost box stock, tyres from Revell ´68 Charger with whitewall stickers from Pegasus. Basic plumbing & wiring and few modifications. Color: Tamiya luftwaffe blue. Flame color: Tamiya pearl white & pearl clear. I used flame lazy Modeler flame masks. Allthought kit needed a lot of work I´m still quite happy with the result. Of course there´s many things that I now could do better and that´s the reason I´m planning to buid a Fleetline version in the near future. Questions and comments are welcomed as usual. Thanks for looking!
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