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First Time at NNL East and leave with this...

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So last Saturday was my first time at NNL East in Wayne, NJ. I brought 4 of my recent builds just to display just to show them off. Later when the award ceremony was happening for the Jr's i didn't really pay attention because I never expected to win anything. So when the announcer said "And for the Best Junior Model is the Peterbilt 359 Service Wrecker by Alex Melnychuk." I had no idea what to do. I did feel like fainting though! What a day it was for me! Can't wait till next year! Not to mention i spent a little over $400!!!

This is on the NNL East website. http://nnleast.com/nnleast2015.html


Alex ;)

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Wow, I just need to quit now! That rig looks great! I was in my twenties before I ever got a best in class award! You should put that one in a case and take care of it. One day you'll step back and see just how good that truck really is.

Congratulations on the win, it is well deserved!

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Nicely done. You build a lot quicker than me. Congrats on your win. Are you building like crazy now? Do you have somewhere to park your truck?

Way to go. Two thumbs up for sure.

Ken. B)

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