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Revell snap Peterbuilt converted to a tridem May 2016 update

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  • 4 months later...


   Hey guys, it's been awhile since I did much of anything on this build . And I figured that since I am waiting on some parts for my BRBO build I would work on this one.

Decided to go with red for the second color. The color of the paint can top was misleading. I thought it would be a lighter shade of red. But the darker color works as well.

I modified the kit battery boxes , filling in the snap tab hole on the front of the box . I did one set of battery boxes with the thin diamond plate from Plastruct . And that set will most likely go on the single drive truck.

For this truck I decided to try something that Dennis ( tesla ) turned me onto . It is a product called Mr Grip . Sold at Home Depot or Loews. It is meant to be used to fix stripped/wallowed out wood screw holes . It comes in a couple of different sizes and is metal ( be careful of sharp edges after cutting !) . The metal is kinda bright. I am going to be painting mine.

I also started to weather the chassis . The motor had quite a bit done a couple of months ago. Still need to use some different color washes . I am going for a well maintained but hard working truck ! As in it most always needs a bath.Being it has been working on a huge road building project, and rarely gets to the main shop and the steam genie !As spends most of the time on/ off road on site.

 Enjoy the photos. Please excuse a couple of the shots that turned out no so good .












  As always comments ideas and criticisms are welcome.


  Be Well


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                Thanks Rick , I am doing a little bit everyday. Yesterday I went to the bench twice, once in the afternoon and then again last night.

                    Thanks Dennis, I was looking at all the can of paint  , picked the red. The only thing it came out a bit darker than I wanted. But now that

                  I've put the hood and fenders together. I like the combination. So I am going to stick with it.

Jacobus thanks, The paint is actually red and yellow. But the lighting play tricks with it in the photos. And you are right a no bling bling workhorse!!

Gator that red /orange its a nice colorcombo

looks like a real workhorse , no blingbling colors

wil see how its come together

i like it


                    Be Well


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