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Revell 1/24 London bus


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Hi all my daughter bought me this kit for Christmas, I didn't really know what to do with it at the time (those who know me know I hardly ever do out of the box) I had I quick look in the box and made all the right noises at the time, I've had a few ideas of what to do with it and I had an idea I would do it as a sightseeing bus and cut the roof off and light it up so tonight I opened the box for a look at what would be involved, I have to say it was quite a shock, there are so many parts and it looks so complex, even to build oob without doing anything else to it. It's back in the box and in the stash till I feel more able to tackle it, it truly looks like a great kit though, no flash at all that I can see and very crisp detail.

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Yes, that kit has amazing amount of detail.  I also have one of the large tour buses Revell made few years back.  Again, lots of well-made parts. One of the reasons I haven't even started either one is that I have no place to display them.

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Hi all I was in Hunstanton over the weekend and nipped into the LMS and spied this (among other things) and had an idea for the most ambitious diorama I've ever tried I won't be starting it till I've finished a few I have on the go at the moment, here's the plan.

I've just bought revells 1/24 4.5 litre Bentley.

I'm now going to get a 1/24 taxi a mini,an E Type jaguar and a Roller I'm going to put them with the bus on a Base with one of the London stations and maybe a phone box and a PO box (depends on whether I can find a 60s pic of one of the stations with a phone box or PO box in the pic.

As I said my most ambitious idea to date and it will mean destroying some of my completed dios as I won't have room for them, I've a lot of things to collect first and a lot of research to do, then plan out make it as small as I can and still be believable.

Luckily London has always been packed with vehicles nose to tail and of course I can use both lanes going and coming, lots to think about, I'm figuring a start maybe October.

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