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Removal of 45 year old glue

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Two weeks ago, when cleaning out my garage, I came across an old flat trailer and Caterpillar bulldozer that I built back in 1971 or 2. I have searched the forum and the only thing that I have found is from 2010. Has anyone came up with a new way to remove decade old glue?  

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Solvent-type glue (old tube and liquid for plastic) will have eaten into the plastic. Though "freezing" may make sloppy joints brittle enough to snap easily, it won't remove glue that has penetrated.

Glues like Ambroid (similar to contact-cement) can be removed by careful scraping.

PVA or casein-based white glues will peel off pretty easily.

Old CA (superglue) will dissolve in carefully applied acetone.

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