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Alclad question

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Ok, I broke down and tried allcad for a change.

I sprayed a set of hubcaps, some small parts  and a windshield frame. The hubcaps and such look real good and I can definitely live with them as is . But the windshield frame isn't as shiny as I would like. Do I buff it once dry , or did I do something wrong. Its not hate full and I MIGHT be able to live with it. But If I can fix something now that I should have done better . I would prefer it.


All of it has the same base coat of a duplicolor gloss black

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Buffing will not polish out Metalizer chrome. It depends 100% on the glossiness of the black base coat and on a semi-dry application  of Metalizer. Metalizer's metallic flakes need to lay flat on the glossy undercoat to produce a polished metallic finish.  If the base coat is not very glossy then no matter how much Metalizer you apply, the "chromey" finish will not happen.  If you apply the Metalizer too heavily or too wet then the metallic flakes will no flatten down on the glossy base - again, you won't get  the "chromey" finish.

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