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Afternoon gang. I plan on attending the Detroit show this weekend and would like to bring my completed M1008 to show off / get constructive criticism. Problem is,is that I am a car show virgin. I haven't the foggiest idea what to do. Do I just show up with the build? Or do I register for a spot on a table. Not trying to be a noob, just need some friendly direction from the group. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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At most shows you would pay your entrance fee when you enter and they give you a form to fill out to put with your model on the display table.  Sometimes you might also get a second form, or, they will detach part of the form that you filled out to keep and use during judging.  After you fill out your form, then take your model to the table for the correct class it will go in and find an open spot to place your model  with the completed form under it.   Then enjoy the show...  Search the various vendor tables for any items that you may need or want, look at all the rest of the models on display, maybe grab something to eat & drink if available, and hang around for the judging results and awards announcements.  Have fun and good luck.

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Thanks Rich. Much appreciated. 

Christopher, if the Detroit show is going to be your first show,  you are going to love it.  Its probably my favorite of the year...HUGE vendor area, and its about 90% automotive related stuff.   With the exception of NNL East in new jersey its the largest show I've been to, in terms of vendors and models on the tables. The DAAM club guys are great to talk with and they really do a heck of a job, the venue is also wonderful... very clean and well illuminated.

As far as the registration process Richard is right on....its pretty simple...  pay your $5.00 at the door to get in, then walk in and make a right to get to the contest area... they will ask you how many models you have.. (you can enter as many as you want)   They will give you a slip of paper to fill out and put under your model... since this is a "judged" contest there is usually and area of that card with the builders name that gets folded over to keep it "anonymous".  Set your stuff out, and go spend money... usually the club ropes off the model area around noon for judging... we usually grab some food around then.

Its a great time!   Hope, to see you there!    

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