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C5-R Le Mans 2001


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The kit:



* * *



First thing to do, trace the mold lines with a marker and sand & polish them out:






]* * *



Next, for my own reference, highlight the lift-off nose section, because I'm planning to build this one all opened-up and plumbed/wired to the best of my ability.







* * *


Ughhh, ugly cut:



* * * 



All separated now, the red 'scars' are where the knife & saw blades slipped and gouged the surface. After the photos, I filled them with Squadron fine (grey) filler and sanded them back with various grades of wet'n dry.




* * *



This is my 'serious' project to take me through the holidays and well in to the New Year. Stay tuned it could be fun, or it could be a complete dogs dinner, we'll find-out together.




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Nice!   I have a similar project in plans: I'll eventually work on Dale Earnhardt's 2001 Daytona  C5R.  You have already done bodywork, but Harold Bradford used to offer a gorgeous resin body for that.  Not sure if it is still available. 
Will follow up this one.


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The Surgery on the front end went well. That is a great deal of body work and the fact that you didn't have anymore problems than you did shows you know what you're doing. The wiring and plumbing for this will be intensive, look forward to watching your build.  

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Thanks guys, appreciate the support. Don't think all the wiring and plumbing will happen - not by a long way, TBH - but enough to make it look busy and believable. 


Best for Christmas & New Year everyone. See you in 2018.


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