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Help with Chrome Headlights?

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this takes a little work, but what I have done in the past is go to hobby lobby, michaels, pat catans... get yourself some of those googily eyes that you see on stuffed animals, you can get a pack of different sizes for a few bucks. you drill the chrome headlight out, find the right size googily eye, cur the flat part off, keep the clear part. glue it in place IN BACK of the light. this will be the part behind the lense. paint it silver, then go to your parts box and find some clear plastic head light lenses, glue them in place and voilà!!! clear head lamps. sorry, I do not have any picts of the few that I did. it will take some pracrice. I have cut out a little more plastic than I should have a few times. good thing I had extra grills.

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I learned this technique from Art Anderson years ago from the online forum of the other magazine and used it on an AMT 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix with chrome headlights.  I detailed the headlights by coating them with 5 minute epoxy glue.  I mixed a small batch on a piece of cardboard and coated each headlight with the glue using a toothpick.  I had work fast because after two minutes the glue becomes tacky and stringy and you then risk getting glue strings on the non headlight areas of the part when you transfer it with the toothpick from the cardboard to the headlight. I would recommend that you mask with tape the non headlight areas of the chrome part.  After two minutes I would mix a new batch.  Each batch would be good for one or two headlights.  This technique gives the headlights a decent depth that is better than chrome.  It is not as good as a clear headlight lens but it is better than nothing.  I would recommend practicing on a spare part before trying this technique. 

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