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Revell 68Chevelle & AMT 68 El Camino


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Another interesting "feature." On my copy the mounting pin that is on the fan clutch,  that is suppose to go through the fan and into a hole on the water pump, was not there. My copy just had a very small nub, so you will need to clean off the paint from the backside of the fan and face of the pulley to glue it on.

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Except for decals, the engines are done. I know I will need to straighten out that air cleaner on the Revell engine. I had to remove the pin from the air cleaner to get it to fit on the carb right and it did not glue down level. Minor fix.

Except for some flash around the parts for the alternator, power steering pump, and A/C compressor, the only other problem I had with the AMT engine was a lack of mounting hole in the alternator. I had to cut the mounting tab off the fan belts to get the alternator on. But all the brackets lined up great on the AMT engine.





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Revell Engine, except for the deal with the fan and pulley I mentioned above, it all went together great. I would need to bend the belts down in order to get the alternator bracket to line up with the head, I can live with that small of a distance.





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Don't forget the little hose that connects from the top center of water pump to front of intake; it's a Big Block Chevy distinctive feature. If your BBC uses the cast iron intake (painted), the hose and its clamps would also be painted engine color, as they were assembled together before the blocks were painted.

Loving this thread!


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The Revell engine does have this hose molded into the top of the water pump. I painted that flat black. The AMT engine does not have anything remotely resembling that hose so I could not paint it. To be honest, Revell has done this hose much better on other big block engines.



The black mark on top of the water pump is the hose.


AMT engine does not have a marking for it.

This is the big block from the 65 Impala kit, notice the hose?


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Both Revell ^ AMT got the door panels wrong.  Here is a picture of a real one first, for an El Camino.


Next, the picture of the door panels from the AMT kit. As you can see on the real one,  the line running along the top of the armrest sets out a bit, and the twin vertical chrome strips come down to meet it. The AMT's panel shows the vertical lines not meeting the flat horizontal line and instead stopping at a panel line that angles up.  Also, the AMT line is indented, not setting out like a chrome strip would. AMT kind of gets the arm rest right, with the chrome trim protruding from the base, however, the padded top is wrong and there is no panel line going under the arm rest, it just goes straight through like on a  Chevelle.


Next, here is a real shot of the Chevelle Interior.


Revell's door panel though, gets the lines right, they just miss the medallion on the panel. The arm rest does not look correct though, it's line is indented whereas the real life arm rest detail is raised.


I'll give Revell a point and a half for getting the panel lines and chrome trim right, the medallion is easy to replicate if someone so desires. Redoing the door lines on the AMT panels on the other hand, would be hard. For those talented enough, they could scratch build a new one.


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Wow! Those AMT panels really got twisted up, didn't they?!  As for the arm rest, neither is fully right or wrong is it? The AMT may be closer, as an indented area IS correct. It can be seen in the photo of the white interior. Not all Chevelles, even SS cars, had the chrome strip in the recess. The white example above does not. If the Revell strip is raised, then it is technically incorrect; it should be a raised strip within a trench, and so mostly flush at the surface. All Chevelles from 68-72 use the same arm rest base, and good close-up photos can be seen from supply houses like OPG, etc.

BTW, that 65 engine looks right on! Nice job.

Keep the compo coming!

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Well, after 19 months, I'm finally back to these! First lets take a look at the firewalls.


AMT on the top, Revell on the bottom. Need I say more.

Next, the radiator and support.


AMT is above. The top part of the radiator support is molded to the body on the El Camino. The lower part and radiator are all one piece that glues in from the bottom. The end result looks pretty accurate.


Revell radiator support is four pieces consisting of the support, radiator, fan shroud, and hood latch area.  I will need to see this in the body but I think both Revell and AMT did good on this.


"Front" of the radiator support. Revell on top while AMT is on bottom. Obviously Revell has the better detail here, although I am not sure how much will be visible on the model after it gets put together.


The seats, Revell seats are flanking the AMT El Camino seats and as you can see, the Chevelle seats are a lot bigger than the Elkys.


The Dashes, Revell on top, AMT on bottom. Revell blew it on the dash. The knobs are wrong and the radio/HVAC controls are at an angle. Also the glove box door button is not correct. The AMT dash on the bottom got the knobs right, the glove box lock right, and the HVAC/radio area looks a lot better. Score a point for AMT here.

That's all I have right now, I have shot the black part on the bodies and will be removing the tape soon.  Since I have two of the Revell 69 Chevelles coming my way I better get these done soonest!


Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.

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19 minutes ago, Deuces ll said:

I'm a little curious if the '68-'69 Chevelle SS came with a custom or "deluxe" interior like the early '67-'69 Camaros had as an option????....?

I'd have to research, but I'm thinking they came with the Malibu interiors, which was considered the "deluxe" model of the Chevelle line, except of course for the '69 SS396s built on the 300 2DS bodies. 

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4 hours ago, Snake45 said:

I'd have to research, but I'm thinking they came with the Malibu interiors, which was considered the "deluxe" model of the Chevelle line

I believe that the '66 was "considered" a Malibu Super Sport ---- or maybe that was a Canadian-only nomenclature (?)

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