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eBay: contest for record highest asking price

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2 minutes ago, Brutalform said:

At least you can still hand write the address label to avoid the fee of printing one through eBay. 

My writing is illegible.  I use Avery printable labels from Staples or Office Depot. The Avery 8163 is a good size.  The Avery website has templates for MS Word and other programs that automatically format the labels for printing. You're right, I avoid printing...or doing anything else...thru eBay's proprietary apps.

47 minutes ago, Tom Geiger said:

Sellers are complaining that eBay is forcing them into eBay managed shipping and their calculator is screwing up postage estimates big time.

The eBay automatic Shipping Calculator is notoriously flaky and I don't trust it.  When sending invoices to buyers, I check the shipping price carefully. If anything looks weird or too expensive, I run the Calculator myself, manually entering the size/weight.  It's amazing how many times the shipping comes back at a lower price.

And the bane of every seller's existence are the bucketheads who don't read the listings, win multiple items, and pay shipping on every one.  Then they send irate messages, cyber-screaming that I ripped them off on the shipping.  Even though every one of my listings has this in it:

"IMPORTANT!  If you win multiple items, DO NOT pay instantly. Wait for my invoice after the auction, or request a total.  If you pay instantly for multiple items, you WILL be charged shipping on each item. If that happens I will refund your excess shipping thru PayPal."


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I have noticed that when i look on ebay for things i need or just are interested in.
Last week i found some decals i wanted to buy they were about $14 which i thoght was fair and was going to buy them, then i looked at the shipping $54...
$54 shipping for a decal sheet smaller then a A4 paper? no thanks.
Looked a little closer and the seller stated that i could combine shipping to as i wanted more stuff from them.
Tried that and guess what? ebay said NO "because the seller had discounted the price" so for 4 decalsheets i would pay about $56 and then $216 in shipping...

So no buy for me there because i would be out $200 i cant afford right now..
I could contact the seller but i dont want to deal with that (even if i am sure they will work out a new shipping price for me) i just want to click on buy now and have the things shipped at a reasonable price.

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