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1965 Pontiac Gran Prix custom

Peter Lombardo

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Growing up in the late 50's and 60's, I loved all the Pontiac road and muscle cars, seriously, who wouldn't?  They had the look and the performance that all of us guys were looking for.  I always thought the 1965 Bonneville 2 door coupe was the most beautiful of all of the big land yachts.  The Grand Prix was just a little shorter but still had much of the same style as it's big brother.  The one thing about the design that I was never comfortable with was the roof line,  I just didn't, and still don't care for the squarish look of it on a very smoothly sculpted car.  Well, I can't do anything about the real car, but one in plastic I can modify easily.

When I saw the re-pop of the old AMT kit, I knew I had to get it, to go along with my Bonneville kit.  As you know, the AMT re-pop kit comes with a custom nose and tail if you are so inclined to install.  I am inclined and install both, just for a change of pace.... but I also did something about the roof line that I don't care for .  I sculpted a block of sign foam and vacuum formed a roof that resembles the Bonneville rook, but also has a small chop to it and I laid back the a pillars a little to accommodate the small chop of about 4 inches in real life and give the windshield a little more rake to it. .  The car will be lowered down and sport some larger wheels than what we had back in 1965.  Custom paint and a mildly done interior, and bam, done.-5UERG0ynLKI4N6uG1ibnCpUR8IugH08Luq9iNVUpg_q-hNXFk-cdZiIklqRaIkV9r6K0wwMwM0heW5sEsa-admhqf7Hl-omTxajmwfZ0gfOkoWRA8l4SHr-SAD4j0EnxJiZpjuRds_Lck7EFPxhS0DaqSWC1OxR

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Got some time to paint this one.  It has not been rubbed out our yet.  It was primed, sanded, dark blue base coat, sanded, topped with Testors "color shift" Emerald Turquoise (intended to be sprayed over black, but I went with dark blue) and then topped with Tamiya clear.  Once fully dry, it gets sanded, rubbed and polished.  Doors are hinged and mounted.  Interior will be saddle tanciL7lVGF62u-vxyFP5BXVbc5BMeMY9ajRX-OB_PdSr6_Ct9qhYVbQdLCKRUqPWIgZOE0_2cozh4xXtyB_JWYUyKGZAaC-bsEf4Vwg453p2hG--IrcmheVWz-9Xx7h8Z1MIxOfG88mt5tSb2YquPYwCD6c3LNRino

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