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Post apocalyptic community build 4


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Welcome everyone , there will be some rules .

1=any vehicules -Boat , plane ,bikes ,truck ,car ,race  cars ,monster truck.

2= you may take your time to do it or two but post some pics.

3= Precise your type vehicule like Mad max 1 or Mad max 2 etc . . . . . . .

4= have fun and respect other.







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I think I'll use this old Datsun. I got it in a box of built-ups. The original plan was to restore it, but as luck would have it, they reissued it. After disassembling it a few years ago, I seem to have lost some of the parts. I guess that's what the parts box is for.


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On 3/6/2020 at 10:54 AM, Dave Van said:

They don't all have to be dirty or ratty!!!! 




yes n no it depend how you want it clean or dusty the picture you have post is Mad Max 1 clean with a little touch dust.


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