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"Sweeping the Bench"


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17 hours ago, disconovaman said:

Well I've desided to scratch build a complete chassis for the kit. I couldn't get anything to work to my liking so I'm trying to put a plan together...

I'm telling ya MPC really came up short on this kit in some areas. The body has small issues, nothing you can't fix but the flat door panel tub interior is not ideal. The chassis is another fail on their part. The Pontiac 350/400 is a let down to for the factory stock builder specifically. Sorry I'm  turning this into a review but it always baffled me why MPC wouldn't put the chevy V8 from say the MPC Monza... or something from their line up in the mid 70's. 

 I swear if I ever win big in the lotto I promise to invest in a company to design an all new 76 Nova...I'd make sure it has lots of options too. One idea is to create bumpers that have both options with and without the impact strips.

For 1976 GM roughly only made around 12,000 hatchbacks so I believe a trunk example would be a more realistic kit to market. 

Multi peice interior and separate front wheelwell's and sub frame would be important to me as well... How about a SS grill? Or an opening hatchback (if it has to be hatchback)... If I'm dreaming, I'd want it to have the Super Sport option with bucket & bench seat option separate 4speed console with gages... ???

Yep a 1976 SS 350 4speed Nova is definitely needed in the model world. I mean the car plays a significant role in automotive history due to fact that it's the last time Chevrolet put SS and Nova on the same car! So why not have a model kit to immortalize it...

Such music to my ears! Bring it on! Bench seat! Plain bumpers... I'm delirious!! 

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