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My mate has just given me a Shadow Mk11 off his new 3D filament printer.  It included the rear engine cover, but this has printed inside out, cross over injection with the rear wing yet to come. It needs a fair bit of work around the back panels and rear wheel arches but the body is generally a lot better than the March 707 he gave me.  I have already sourced the correct front, with a bit of work, and rear wheels and tyres having checked the size in Pete Lyons great book on Shadow, and cast my generic interior.  I will start work on the body shortly and make a styrene rear engine cover, if necessary.  Hoping my mate can work out why it printed inside out!!

Won't be posting any more on this for a while as the body will take some time getting up to scratch.

Dave B





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Hi Dave, I have spoken to my mate that did the body for me and he has no intention of marketing commercially, sorry.

Tks Rich, it's coming along nicely, have been going through my resin box and gathering generic bits for it. Hardest part was the front wheels and tyres but still being into 1/32 slot cars I made them out of Fly Ferrari 512 rear wheels and my mate cast some urethane tyres.  Size is spot on according to Pete Lyons Shadow book. Have to cut the struts of the rear wing and angle inwards but won't do this until I have done the chassis and mounted the gearbox as this is where the struts will mount to. Have ordered 2 sets of decals from Patto to get most of what is required. Finally happy with the finish on the body, wouldn't know it came off a filament printer!!

Tks for looking.

Dave B



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