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Hey ya'll, got a project coming up and I'm looking for a 80s pro stock engine thst would have been in WJ's car. I know the Frank Iaoconio kit has a good one, but if anyone knows where I could find one closer to what WJ ran that would be greatly appericated!

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Before 1982 they had weight break in the NHRA Pro Stock class, that means pounds per cubic inch so larger displacement engine means a heavier car. so in 1980 and 81 he must have had a smaller engine as most of them did, but 1982 NHRA did the 500 cubic inch format wich still is in use today and all Pro Stock racers changed to 500 cui engines.
WJ ran Oldsmobile cars from 1982 until 1995 with "Oldsmobile" branded engines wich in fact are a GM DRCE engine based on Chevy Big Block but not available in any showroom car.
DRCE stands for Drag Racing Competition Engine and are made in four generations and used in all GM Pro Stock cars, WJ swithced to Pontiac 1996 and still used a DRCE engine of a different generation and the DRCE is still used today but in a fuel injected version.
Revell did four kits of Oldsmobile Cutlass Pro Stock cars, the Larry Morgan Castrol Super Clean car and the Warren Johnson GM Performance car and these came 1994, the Jeg Coughlin Jeg's  car from 2000 and a generic Olds Pro Stock car with no specific decals from 2007, this kit has the  DRCE engine you need with Oldsmobile branded valve covers.
Revell also did Warren Johnson's  Pontiac Firebird Superman GM Goodwrench car 1999 and a couple of other versions of that kit are aso available but it has a later version of the DRCE engine with sheet metal no name valve covers.

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