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1/16 Nomad project

Mike C.

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50 minutes ago, geemoney said:

i have a friend building this right now!

using a 4 door wagon and 2 dr doors

LS power

That's cool!  I saw this car run at Firebird raceway in Idaho when I was 15 years old, running my brothers 65 mustang down the 1320.

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I assembled the one of the custom wheels and started to sand the tread down on one tires that come with the kit. I wouldn't even mind using these but that's been done to death with this kit. I can remember way back in the 80s when these Cragar SSTs even replaced the Cragar SS as the "it" wheel for a short time. Now most people never even heard of them. A lot of people think they're called Center lines. I think I'm gonna save these for a future 1/18 project .


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Mike any progress on this one? I have been offering 1/16 stuff for a fellow member and could help you out if you want to. You can have a look in my Chevy C10 Stepside thread if you want some inspiration.

On 12/8/2021 at 5:57 PM, Mike C. said:

I assembled the one of the custom


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R/C wheels and tires in the one inch size are perfect for 1/16th.

I widened the wheels from that Nomad kit and made Jeep bolt patterns.

Here's how the one inch R/C tires fit those.

I know these aren't for you but they do have a wide assortment of tires in one inch size.




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