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1970 Camaro SS...update w/new pics 1/20/2007!!!

Marc @ MPC Motorsports

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  • 2 months later...

Been awhile since I've posted an update on my Camaro. It's all BMF'd except for the passenger side door and the front lights, grille and spoiler are installed. Also trying out my new workbench lighting which should greatly enhance the quality of my progress pics. I installed two swing arm desk lamps I purchased at Hobby Lobby and outfitted them with 100w equivalent GE cool daylight compact fluorescent bulbs.




I'm waiting on some new pieces from Reliable Resin for the interior buildout.


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Got the front bumper installed. It is a resin piece painted with Spaz Stix Chrome paint. It is similar to Alclad BUT it can be applied over Tamiya spray gloss black! Seems pretty durable, as durable as a paint can be. I'll let the pictures do the talking.


The bumper looks dark on the left side but that is a function of the lighting more than the finish.



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The Spaz Stix paint looks pretty good. I might have to try it sometime.

I've found that you can have durable Alclad over Tamiya, but you have to apply the Alclad as soon as you can get your airbrush cleaned from the basecoat. If the Tamiya hasn't cured, the Alclad seems to bond with it better.

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I'm thinking that the GM stylists really got that one right. The styling is so clean that it looks great in simple primer!

My second car was a '71 Camaro and I loved everything about it except the 6 banger under the hood (well it had enough power to commute to college anyway).

Gold with black stripes looks great!....and don't listen to Daniel :wink:

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