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Help needed: lowering Revell '41 Chevy pickup

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Anyone ever lowered a Revell '41 Chevy pickup?  If so, any guidance or photos of the best way to do it would be appreciated!

The rear seems straightforward because the axle is above the leaf springs, so adding lowering blocks will work.  Also, the rear leaf frame shackles are tall and can be shortened.

But in the front, the leaf springs sit right on the frame, and the axle is below them.  So the only alternatives seem to be a front frame Z or scratching a more dropped front axle, neither of which are easy (at least for me!).

Thanks again!

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Sir, I lowered my 41 Chevrolet Pickup by cutting C notches in the front frame and mounted the front axle on top of the front leaf springs (see attached photo).

An alternative could be to pick up an AMT 39 Wagonrod kit and use the frame and front and rear suspension from that kit. You might even want to use the Corvette ZR-1 engine too.

I eyeballed it and it looks like it will fit under the 41 Chevy pick up. You might have to do a little bit of massaging on the frame tabs and the wheelbase may need to be readjusted a little bit but not by much. The benefit is that you get a modern suspension underneath that sweet 41 Chevy pick up.

hope that this is of some help.






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