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Rat Vega


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This is another one of the rarer showrod type cars by Monogram. I dont have that many of the original parts as they are hard to find without buying another builder for $$$ and the builder would probably be better than what I have 😄 so I will rely on parts box items. Some how I have the original decals but dont remember how I got them. The glass was in with so much glue the roof was distorted so I cut out that bad spot and may just replace with clear or a gasser style colored window plastic. The hood and front grille are the 2 big items I would have liked to find but will just work around that,  oh well here goes.











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Gathering up parts for this 1/24th crazy streetrod is harder than I thought,all the parts Im trying look to small. The front and rear suspension I found will lift it a little higher than the mock up. The motor I found fits and doesnt look all that bad. Tires and wheels my change to bigger rears but wont be able to tell until the rear end is on. The broken parts went together and this should be the last of the body filler. The front grille I found is cut in half and trimmed to fit. 








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While I was sanding down the body I kept thinking about the Rat Vega decals , something wasnt right. Then it hit me, the side portal windows. Its not the 71 or 73 issue and not even the RatVega at all, its the Vega mini-van kit from 77. I dont even remember this mini van kit. I had to look it up and found this picture on the web. Different rear lights, grille, ,hood,decals,roof rack and side van windows. Doesnt really change much with what Im working with , Im limited on parts for this kit either way except I do have a sheet of the mini van  decals. I did change the rear tires to slicks once I added the rear axle.





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Got some color going this week, motor parts all gathered up, final stance, interior will be 2 tone grey & white. Front grille and lights done. Made a roof rack from an extra Surf Woody rack. I have alot to do yet but its coming along better than I hoped .




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