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Saving 61 year old Decals from Old Autoworld

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I have a partial sheet of Autoworld decals1962 printed in 1962. They have some really unique vintage, European sponsor logo, and I want to save them.

I've tried a couple I did not need, and had one explode into fragments, and the other split in half, but remained useable. How do I salvage the ones I want? It would help, if there is something I can use at Hooby Looby, but I can mail order if I have too.

Or is there a good, modern decal sheet of 1950's and 1960's logos as would be seen a Le Man, or Monte Carlo Rallye? I particularly want a "Tag Heuer, Chronograph" Decal.

I'm building a Fantasy 1964 Monte Carlo entry, and while they are not todays' billboards, they do a carry a select few sponsor decals.


Thanks, for the help.

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you can find the tag heuer decals in a lot of euro race cars. they were the official timing equipment for a number of years and also sponsored a couple of race cars. maybe spot model would be a good place to look for aftermarket decals. I think there may also be decals in some porsche race kits

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Take a high resolution scan (not just a photo), to have a backup if you need to have them custom printed).  At least 600 dpi, and save the scan using a non-lossy format (like PNG).  To try using the old decals, get some Microscale liquid decal  film and brush paint several  layers over the decal sheet.  That will put a fresh clear film over the cracked old decal film. Of course you will have to trim each decal close to the image before placing them in water.

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