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Chevy Impala 4-Door Sport Sedan (Supernatural)


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First true glue and paint model in a long time. Had a roommate outing looking around at local shops and came across a small ran-by-one-guy comic shop and he had a bunch of models. Being a big supernatural fan, I had to get it. 

I learned a lot with this model, such as patience and DONT TOUCH THE DARN PAINT OR ANYTHING EVER. ahem, anyways.

Had some rough goings, like realizing I misaligned the interior panels and permanently goofing the alignment in the final product, having some orange peeling in my primer that wouldn't sand away, and TOUCHING IT WHILE IT WAS WET. But in the end things smoothed over with the exterior paint and it ended up looking fairly smooth. The chrome trim is rough and will be touched up because I thought I bought a fine tip pen but it wasn't. 


Anyway enough rambling and enjoy my poor photos






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