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Autoquiz #589 - Finished

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In 1975, Mazda did something that's almost inconceivable today. For its home market luxury range-topper, the Japanese maker, put its badges on a Holden Premier body -shell and proudly renamed it the Roadpacer. The Roadpacer should compete with Isuzu Statesman DeVille, Toyota Century etc but it failed.  Mazda Roadpacer AP was built from 1975 - 1977. Holden Premier w/o engine and transmission were shipped to Japan, were Mazda put in a 1.3l 13B two rotor Wankel engine (130HP, 102Nm) combined with Jatco 3 speed automatic transmisson.  This means max. speed 103 mph, poor acceleration and a terrible fuel consumption of 9 mpg. Only 800 were build.

The correct answer (Keep in mind to write answer with Year, Manufacturer, Type) were sent in by:


Richard Bartrop

Matt Bacon











Auotquiz 589 Kopie.png

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