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Any ideas on AW 4-gear performance improvement?


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Tinkering around with my HO drag stuff, and was wondering if anyone has any tips for upgrading the AW 4-gear chassis. I have a Mega G+ and a JAG chassis to put on my custom bodies, but wouldn’t mind upgrading all the 4-gears that are on the AW dragsters and funny cars. I have seen something on tightening the fourth gear as well as changing out the wheel/axle. Any other thoughts? Tires? Parts?  

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Nice! I like it. 

I’m more of a collector as well I guess. That’s one of the reasons I am trying to gather some chassis info. One to run and one to show as far as the ‘70s FCs go. I do like Indy and old NASCAR as well though. More of a race type car guy I guess. I only have three that aren’t racers. I’ll post pics tonight. 

I have one of the AutoWorld drag strips, the first or second one the did, but not set up. Have just set it up for use and then put away. I do have a regular layout on a 4x6 sheet of plywood, attached to the wood and on hinges so it is flipped up against a wall when not in use. It was the track we got for my son, added to since. 

Pics to come. 

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OK "AFX",  sorry if I over-did it, but here's what I have. I have several bodies to paint and customize, and accumulating chassis for them, but nothing pic worthy yet.  But do you know what I really want, the Slot Dragon timing system for my drag strip. Anyway, the Petty and orange Mustang I found with my old set at my Mom's house years ago, my originals, so the Petty is one of my faves.









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Good stuff Rob!  Auto World is issuing some very nice cars. I've resisted buying any of them as my collection is already pretty big.  I've been working to down size it. 

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I love the drag bodies. The 4-gears are not fast, but they are all pretty close in performance so reaction time on the light is important which makes it fun. Plan to have a few fast chassis with AW or customized bodies, but then just teak all of the AW racers the same so comp is fun. I actually bought two of the Mega G+ Matmut cars a few years ago, so nice, but they were just too fast for my course set up and drag racing would have been kind of silly they were so fast. 

How big is your collection? What kind of cars are your favorites?  I would like to pick up some of the older Indy/F-1s over time. My Petty runs OK, better than the Mustang, but kind of just want to leave them original rather than get new motors, etc. 

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I have over 400 cars - crazy I know!  Been collecting for over 30 years.  I've started down sizing my collection so others can enjoy them.

Here is most of my AFX F1/Indy cars.  I also have several Tyco and Tomy F1/Indy cars.

No surprise AFX are my favorites. :)


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Those are awesome. A couple on there I seem to gravitate towards on eBay. Sounds like you have an amazing collection, I’m sure you have enjoyed that over the years. I collect some things and I figure I probably always will. 

I need to get me a case like that too, great way to keep and display. 

My two chassis arrived, so I’ve got to complete a couple of bodies now.

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