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Tamiya paint cracking; cause?

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Ya know...there's a very simple solution to understanding what a particular product is made from.

READ THE TDS (technical data sheet) for any refinish product you use. They're all available online.

...and if you don't comprehend the terminology...

TEST your materials for performance and compatibility, which is always preferable anyway.

EDIT: The actual chemistry of coatings, synthetic or naturally-derived, is WAY beyond the pay grade of most modelers, so I'm missing the point of even bringing up that an ancient form of "lacquer" was/is made from bug secretions.

EDIT 2: Here's a pretty good overview of "lacquer", certain to either muddy the waters hopelessly, or make an instant expert of anyone who reads the first 3 words.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lacquer

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Nah, it's simple if you don't do a deep dive: Nitro lacquer which is made from tree resins as the base. And synthetic which is plastic resin or acrylic. That's in the base. I just never thought of acrylic lacquer primers but I've shot plenty of acrylic lacquer colors in automotive refinishing and nitro in wood working.. Now I know. But I have no interest in molecular stuff, my brain is clogged up enough after 73 years of this world.

What boggles my mind ( and it can stay that way) is water solvable oil paints, you can use linseed oil or water. And it's water clean up. Stranger than that, it works. And I can say that because I've used it, yup smells like oils, cuts with water or oil, It should be an oxymoron.

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