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“ BUILDING THE COVERS “ Vol # 71 The Army Monza funny car of Don the Snake Prudhomme

M W Elky

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This is an out of the box build with the only upgrade being the slicks which are from the AMT parts pack . The cover shot was taken at the winter nationals which is perfect for this time of year. Those snow covered mountains make a great backdrop. As you will notice the box is in rough shape as I purchased it from a little local gift shop that was in our town in 1978 with saved up allowance as I was 8 years old . The spectacular box art with the fire burn out just sucked me right in I had to have it. At this age I was still building snap kits needless to say at the time this kit was way above my skill set . At the time my dad was way too busy with work to take on a project like this. So In the box it stayed getting moved around from here to there until I was 48 years old as the original decals had gotten a large crease in them, and were not salvageable . Thanks to eBay I was able to find a newer reissue with usable decals. So here it is. I hope you all like the little back story. These Revell funny car kits of the mid 70’s were some of the finest ever made. At least in my opinion. Until next time thanks for looking 👀, Mike IMG_3006.thumb.jpeg.88bb4bc9d953105b9108c9ade4771210.jpegIMG_3007.thumb.jpeg.e79dff9f9dedf387363ba522ffe82482.jpegIMG_3008.thumb.jpeg.e5d92569c3372f6c19869c1e4f60a57e.jpegIMG_3009.thumb.jpeg.b33f69ed6586dccad5a219b91ca7cd5c.jpegIMG_3011.thumb.jpeg.f5bb69b6b2ad216d5ced7228a70c6167.jpegIMG_3030.thumb.jpeg.ff2e590cad5afdd28281e1921bc895c2.jpeg

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