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  1. This is a Revell kit I have been working on. I have been building models since I was a kid, but, this is the first car kit I have built, probably, since I was a teenager. I am going to use Slixx decals and I have added a few details, such as the fuel tank strap, valve cover breathers and magneto. I used aftermarket tires and the correct Hailbrand wheels. The next step is to decal it.
  2. This is a box stock mpc mustang funny car . The paint is a long discontinued testors muscle car color .Since it’s been 13 years ago I can’t remember the exact color name other than it’s a ford color. The decals are by slixx. As always thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  3. This is an out of the box build with the only upgrade being the slicks which are from the AMT parts pack . The cover shot was taken at the winter nationals which is perfect for this time of year. Those snow covered mountains make a great backdrop. As you will notice the box is in rough shape as I purchased it from a little local gift shop that was in our town in 1978 with saved up allowance as I was 8 years old . The spectacular box art with the fire burn out just sucked me right in I had to have it. At this age I was still building snap kits needless to say at the time this kit was way above my skill set . At the time my dad was way too busy with work to take on a project like this. So In the box it stayed getting moved around from here to there until I was 48 years old as the original decals had gotten a large crease in them, and were not salvageable . Thanks to eBay I was able to find a newer reissue with usable decals. So here it is. I hope you all like the little back story. These Revell funny car kits of the mid 70’s were some of the finest ever made. At least in my opinion. Until next time thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  4. This was built from the old revell kit the early 90’s reissue. It’s box stock . The paint color is an old testors boyed’s color a pearl yellow ( or it might have been called pearl sunflower ) . These mid 70’s era revell funny car kits are some of the best ever made at least in my opinion. Until next time thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  5. This is a box stock build of the big John Mazmanian Barracuda funny car kit. It’s painted with testors clear red over a gold base enamel. These polar lights were very well done and even came with slixx decals. It would be nice to see round 2 make up some more issues of this kit’s chassis with different bodies. Possibly a nova or a camaro or a Torino or a maverick body as the atlas oil tool special. Until next time thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  6. MPC Mustang FC 72 (HOTROD MAGAZINE) this was my 1st detailed build & contest entree. I installed every aftermarket plumbing, Aluminum Billet pulleys, A/N color coded fittings, Wrinkle Wall Slicks, even added the Chrome Valve Stems on it...for a EXTREMELY SIMPLE "BOX STOCK" build that would only take most beginners a few days to complete, took me about 350+ hours...(and I still wished I had 25-30 more to do everything that was in my head.. I had nothing but FUN all the way through.....
  7. The blue and red monzas are box stock revell with testors blue and red candy over silver bases. The orange monza is a Tom Hoover die cast that was stripped and repainted with house of color candy tangerine. Topped with slixx decals and a few coats of clear As always thanks for looking 👀 , Mike
  8. This is a box stock revell kit painted with testors candy blue over a silver base coat. I think it’s held up pretty good for being built some 30 years ago. As always thanks for looking 👀, mike
  9. New (vintage) box art for the forthcoming 1/25 AMT #1293 Chevy II Nova "Twister" AWB/Funny Car:
  10. Is it real or model? I have the answer but will let you all guess for a while.
  11. Looks like the forthcoming 1/25 AMT '76 Chevy Vega F/C will be the wagon-bodied version with original box art:
  12. Just out of the spray booth, needs touch ups, first clear coat and polishing. Custom decals underway in GIMP, next finish driveline and install scratch built tin and fit windshield
  13. I was given several boxes of parts years ago and am trying to see what kits they are for. I am assuming these were from an AMT Funny Car kit from ?. I don't have a need for them and if none of my friends need them I'll be posting them in the trade thread. Thanks
  14. One of my favorite drag cars from my era. Has this kit for decades and finally had the "chutzpah" to start it and very rarely finish it. Dis body and chassis mods to get the right stance. hope you can see those in the next set of pictures.
  15. Coming in 2019: AMT 1151 -- 1/25 Dyno Don Nicholson's Mercury Cyclone Eliminator II Funny Car Something old or something new, regarding the box art? The most recent reissue: Here's the instruction sheet for a previous, generic "Mercury Cyclone Funny Car", but same basic kit with a heavily altered wheelbase, Ford 427 SOHC "Cammer" engine, etc: http://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/917/amt-6766-mercury-cyclone-funny
  16. After decades of having this kit in the closet, Decided to built it, but not box stock because that is just foul. After looking at lots of reference pics and watching old footage of races I was ready. I know I had to be super careful with this old decals and in many places they cracked and broke off so I had to use paint and markers to repair the best I could. I was able to make a decent job I think. Mod the body as you can see in the pics. Also added details to the interior. Glad I was able to finish a model after so long out of the game. Thank you for watching and keep building and posting because it was the motivation I needed to start building again.
  17. This is 1977 Firebird funny car that I am in the progress of building. I completed the chassis and am trying to plan how to paint the body. Chassis is Revell funny car chassis with minor adjustments to the rear end and the body is from Competition Resins. The final plan for the car is that I am going to give it to the owner of the car. Thanks for stopping by
  18. Does anyone make a rear spoiler extension for the 70s era Vega funny cars in 1/25? I know comp resins makes a 1/16.... I would even take good dimensions. I've tried to make my own but they stink...... Look too thick or too big. Trying to make a jungle jim and setzer vega and it seems they ran with em. Any help would be appreciated
  19. Here is the Custom Body Duster funny car, used the Mongoose as donor
  20. Any help and ref pics for the Nitro Bandit Olds funny car, I can only find a cpl online?
  21. Any one know what The Miller Funny car Motor looked like paint wise, or the frame color? I can't find any builds on here, and really want to get it close,,
  22. Here's my latest build fresh off the bench. I built it for an upcoming new book about Mustang models by Bill Coulter. It's a mostly out of the box buildup of the '80s vintage Monogram Mustang 7-Eleven funny car kit with the addition of Slixx decals and some other details. You can read all about it and see more pics on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/84bluemax_mustang.html
  23. I built this '72 Blue Max Mustang funny car using the MPC kit. It's mostly out of the box except for the addition of some Slixx decals and a couple of other little add-ons. You can see more pics and read all the details on my website at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/72bluemax_mustang.html
  24. Here is the finished green elephant, I reposted it due too having areally bad day, enjoy and just have fun building,,lol
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