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Scale I Build

Found 13 results

  1. This is an out of the box build with the only upgrade being the slicks which are from the AMT parts pack . The cover shot was taken at the winter nationals which is perfect for this time of year. Those snow covered mountains make a great backdrop. As you will notice the box is in rough shape as I purchased it from a little local gift shop that was in our town in 1978 with saved up allowance as I was 8 years old . The spectacular box art with the fire burn out just sucked me right in I had to have it. At this age I was still building snap kits needless to say at the time this kit was way above my skill set . At the time my dad was way too busy with work to take on a project like this. So In the box it stayed getting moved around from here to there until I was 48 years old as the original decals had gotten a large crease in them, and were not salvageable . Thanks to eBay I was able to find a newer reissue with usable decals. So here it is. I hope you all like the little back story. These Revell funny car kits of the mid 70’s were some of the finest ever made. At least in my opinion. Until next time thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  2. I brought this one in 1988 as a Hot Rod magazine double kit. Then it sat in the box until about 10 years ago when the last release came out, and I could use the fresh set of decals. It’s a box stock build, and it sure looks great on the shelf next to the snake’s army monza . Until next time thanks for looking, Mike
  3. This was built from the revell jungle Jim kit . The wheels were left overs from a polar lights funny car . The white paint is topped with a heavy coat of pearl clear. The decals came from woopiekat , and at first glance looked a little intimidating. However they went on very nicely and fit perfectly. His decals are definitely missed as he had such great subject matter and great quality . Until next time thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  4. I built this out of the revell 1970 barracuda kit. I used amt wheels and slicks l crafted the headers from solder and aluminum tubing. It’s painted in testors white enamel with aftermarket decals. It’s a nice simple build. However I think the revell body is a bit on the chunky side with its dimensions. All in all it looks good on the shelf. Until next time thanks for looking 👀 , Mike
  5. This is the revell 1962 impala kit which I converted to super stock trim by making a custom set of headers, and adding slicks. I also slightly modified the front suspension to give it a more aggressive stance. The decals came from mcw paint and resin which I believe are no longer available 😕 with decals you buy them when you see them as most are not mass produced. If they weren’t so expensive I would buy a second set just in case I screw up the first set.Until next time thanks for looking 👀. Mike
  6. The fantastic revell hemi dart kit built out of the box with aftermarket decals by the glory years decals and graphics. Of Chris Walsh
  7. this kit was a pain in the butt and reminded me why I the only Shelly's I build anymore are the shelby mustangs and that is the chassis and internal frame work that I never can get to stay together even with super glue when you go to add parts that are to be added after the framework is done I ended up curb-siding this model and swapping out rims with ones from my parts boxes cause a couple parts that held two different wheels broke trying to get parts together the decals flacked off after they dried in chunks whenever they were touched
  8. While the weather has been nice, I thought I'd get somethings painted in preparation of winter. Dug out my 1967 Nickey Camaro to get ready. Sanded, primed with Tamiya White Primer, interior primed with Tamiya Gray Primer. Body and interior airbrushed with Scale Finishes Emerald Turquoise enamel. Primed the interior gray in hopes of a shade difference in the color. Have been told it looks Blue and no turquoise to it but when I place my 67 hood with my 69 Lemans Blue hood you can really see the color differences. Hood pictures were taking inside and appear to be different color than the body but, I assure that the hood are same color as body.
  9. This will be the last one of the year. I really like this kit, may build another as a stocker with a 6. I was disappointed with the decals, no sponsor name or drivers names, guess they saved on royalties. #87 was Buck Baker, 1956 and 1957 Grand National champ. The Black Widow was basically a factory race car, lightweight and with the new 283 small block with mechanical fuel injection. I believe it was a milestone creating 1 HP per cubic inch of displacement.
  10. Hi Y'all, this is what I was working on last night during the the Google Hangouts hosted by Gil Just alot of cleaning up of the body and parts getting everything ready for primer when the weather warms up enough... Also wondering what year of this car is this kit based on or more accurate to? Thanks and have a Blessed day! ?
  11. Finished over the holiday weekend, my favorite Charger body style. I'm pleased with the foil work on this one, it was the toughest yet but I think it came out pretty well. Went for a "day 2" look with the Cragars and a tach on the column. Comments welcome, thanks for looking!
  12. Hi Gentlemen, I haven't finished any kits in the couple of months, I started collecting diecasts also recently. Still I have some work in progress, so it was time to finish one. Another addition to my 'black with red' collection, here is my turn on the Revell Italia. Body is matte black, interior is red/black combo. HD PE parts were used, rims replaced and 458 Challenge decals were used, and a little Mustang GT wing at the end. Here are the pics, forgive me as the weather is not too friendly to take pics outside: Thanks for watching!
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