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Rebuilding An Old Build Volvo 760


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Several years ago I bought an Italeri Volvo 760 to recreate a car I once had. The real one was high mileage but cheap. I put a lot of money into that car. Lots of engine parts, interior work, but it always demanded more. I finally sold it for something dependable after joining the Navy.

Anyway, I found this kit at a junk shop and worked to get it looking like the real one. I even painted it the color I wanted to repaint the original one. I built it the way I'd planned on doing the original car, lowered and with nice wheels, the only thing it was missing were the driving lights I put on that real one. I finished the build late one evening and went to set it on the shelf. Instead, I tripped and it tumbled to the floor. Many parts were lost and I sadly put it back in the box.

Skip ahead a few years and I was packing everything for our move. I found the missing pieces under a bench and stuck them in a baggie. The other day I found them again and then found the kit. The body was cracked in several places so I repaired it and did a lot of smoothing.

So here it is, finished again. This time I made sure it got securely on the shelf.





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I rebuilt my Volvo 760 back in 2019 and lowered the stock suspension which looked like a 4X4 truck.  I repainted my Volvo dark green with a tan interior.  I left mine stock.


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I have a soft spot for Volvos. My first was a 260GL which was a fun car. My last one was a V50 wagon which I really loved. I had a mechanic friend who bought and sold Volvos so he gave me a good price on repairs. I happily drove that car in Austin traffic for quite some time until the plastic Y at the bottom of the radiator split. The engine fried before I could get to an exit. The mechanic retired and I now drive a Lexus SUV.

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