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Stormy Monday Update

Dave Mikrut

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Things have been crazy for a while. I'm getting work done to get an upper denture, this coming thursday the last 5 teeth come out and the new ones go in, same day. ugh!

Got a promotion at work and have been really busy moving and getting orientated to a new group and job duties. Mind has been on model building but after seeing that awesome 56 gasser...I'm gettin jazzed to build again real soon!

The real Stormy got some new rubber yesterday, had it out cruising a little last night. Can't wait for the nostalgia drags this summer. I've got some wider whites ordered for the front, these are only temporary. The whitewall slicks are Hurst Racing rubber. 30x10x15.

I hope evryone has a Hoppy Easter today...hehe...get it???


I'm going to have to update the model now, here's some fotos.




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Nice looking 1:25 and 1:1. Must be a really fun drive. I'm making plans to pick up a 1:1 71 Dodge Demon and a 383/727and BB fenderwell headers from a friend. Best part is that it is all FREE!

I'll be posting pix when it's in my driveway.


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Both the 1:1 and the model are lookin' great. How did you match the "Stromy Monday" decals on the model with your 1:1?

Thanks very much for your encouraging words. I made the decals on my inkjet printer. They are on white decal paper and outside border of the white letters bordered in black, I tried to match the color of the yellow.

This is one way of getting around having to buy an Alps printer hehe. The Windows font from the vinyl letter guy was the same font I used to make my decals.

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