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Ok guys, It's saturday again, so post up some pics!! So here is what I got going on my bench. The apocolypse is finished, but thats the only picture you get till I post it up in the under glass section. I desided to work on the scout again, I'm remaking the floor and chassis, again because I wasn't happy with it the first time. So thats whats on my bench!

Here is a caddie all disassembled




and here is my bench and the scout







Thanks for lookin!! And now lets see yours!! B)

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I would love to show you my work bench. If I had one. I had an L -shaped 50s diner booth that I used to build on. White Naugahyde with red piping with a mushroom pedestal table with red formica top with aluminum trim. Sold it when I moved in with my new wife.

I am between work benches right now.

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here's all what the cubboard will be storing






oh and here's the only two cars on my bench at this time,

my "Christine"- needs final detail work ( heater hoses and the battery cables done) and the chrome for the hood glued.


and My Mom's Duster Replica- it showed up here in my shop again, looking for some new white walled shoes, so she'll get some and go back in here display case. Edge of the hood could use touch up too I reckon.


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heres some shots of my model room and workbench. i try to not start projects and not finish them so i keep my current builds to a minimum (though that changes with whim). right now anyway ive just got the wild dream and the jaguar on the bench.

active work bench:


secondary work bench where i mostly store partially completed assemblies:


and a staging area sort of table with new kits, extra room for current projects, stereo systems, etc:


i am not really used to having a lot of room to spread out in! even it is getting filled up though, but boy this is so much better than my previous building environment!

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Ok guys, it's saturday again!! Post up what you got on your work bench!! :( So this is what I got, my 70 super bee that is going in a different direction, more like a custom now. but if you guys want more pics and information on it, go to the muscle car build off. Here's some pics! :)



Now post up whats on your bench!! :D

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I've been meaning to post photos here for the last few weeks, so here in my work bench! On it is my '34 Ford truck I'm almost done with. I didn't like the chrome on the front bumper so I'm going Alcad it. The other one is my '70 Ford Phoenix Police car.


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working on a replica of my first car. 84 regal limited with t-type hood and trunk spoiler. 14" buick style ralleys with 185/75/14 whitewalls, 2 hydraulic pumps, 4 batteries and 2 switches.

###### this is a thin body. since I don't have any pics of the real car left I had to open the trunk and build the setup.


###### this is a thin body. since I don't have any pics of the real car left I had to open the trunk and build the setup.


###### this is a thin body. since I don't have any pics of the real car left I had to open the trunk and build the setup.


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Here we have Dragline's workbench on a Saturday...


Lindbergh 1966 Chevelle SS in the offing.

Ooooh, looks like a metallic blue of some sort....


Interior to be a "Fawn" color.


This is my kitchen table. I live alone [mostly] so I take my meals in either the living room in front of my 50" Samsung, or at Mums or my girls.

I spray my stuff at Mums in her basement. I set it up pretty sweet and she doesn't mind the occasional fume or two.

And yes, I am this neat usually. Chaos and me have never mixed. It works for some though.


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What are you using for the fawn interior? I've been trying to find a paint that comes close or I can tint and get to look right.

I'm moving out of New Bedford, myself. I've been living on Dartmouth Street for the last two years, back home to Marlborough to save a little money and help out with my parents, hopefully a little more work up there, too.

What part of town are you from?

Charlie Larkin

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