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Sox & Martin 72 Duster

Old Buckaroo

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Looks good man. Just a tip for future reference whenever you are doing a multi color paint job. I always lay a clearcoat in between colors. In other words after your first color and it has cured completely, shoot a layer of clear down, doesn't have to be real thick, then after it's cured well, mask off and shoot you next color. The reason for this is in case you do have any bleed over, you can hit that spot with either a polish compound or sandpaper grit of around 1500 to 2000 and wetsand lightly those spots. It may seem like more work but it actually is easier than stripping and going through all that hassle. I've not had to dip a body in many years. The only thing to watch for is the compatiblility of the types of paint your using. Such as staying with laquer on all coats or enamel or whatever you used. Hope this helps !! :rolleyes:

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Thanks everyone for looking in and commenting,

Danny - Great tip, I will definitely give that a try.

Mike the colors are

Model Master enamel - Olds Engine Blue 2729

Model Master enamel - Classic White 2720

Model Master enamel -Chrysler Engine Red 2723

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This looks to become a nice model Sean.

Sox & Martin is my favourites and I have plans to build several of their cars sometime in the future, I have boult one tho' and it's the 71 'Cuda.

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