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New site for Model instructions and box art

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Hi everyone!

I decided after many months of lazy thinking , it was time to build a new site just for the instructions site. I didn't get much feedback when it was integrated in my club's forum, so I thought it best to seperate it and make it exclusive.

The site has been up for nearly 5 years and has been extremely active. I have been lucky to find so many helpful modelers out there! Every time someone needs help, someone comes to rescue. Instead of letting those scans or photos go to waste, they are saved in archives and divided up on the web site for easy access. Never pay for an instruction sheet again!
There are hundreds of sheets sitting here at my home and bunches more in my email box to load. When I have time, I update the site and I like to let people know what is "new" on the site. The link I am giving you is a place you can request, submit and read about the updates. You can also discuss these subjects.

I hope to see you there!


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Here's the direct link to the instruction sheet pages:


That site is being discontinued soon . We will need to go to the Fotki site that has all of the instructions posted .

If you do a search for "fotki drastic plastics instructions" you will find it . Sorry , I tried to post a link but it didn't work .

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