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1972 Plymouth GTX

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Got some quality time at the bench yesterday and today. The body has been cleared with Tamiya TS-13 and is ready for color sanding. But the big suprise will be found in the pics.



I have six sets of these Aoshima wheels, so I decided to shoot some Tamiya TS-26 Pure White on them so I could see how they would look compared to the 1:1 car. I like it, what do you think?

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Guest Sickfish

I agree with the guys, stick with the white wheels , they are what was on the Pure Vision car so go with them 

I do have a question for you though... You referred to "colour-sanding" now that the car has been clear coated ... Isn't colour sanding ( usually wet ) done prior to clear-coating?? I'm in no way trying to be a smart-Alec, but that's the way I've always done colour sanding, prior to clear coats. I've found that doing it prior to clear coats helps the clear coats stick better & dry faster 

Cheers & great GTX mate , Cliffo!

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Here's a few shots of the nearly completed interior. Painted with the same HOK Kosmic Red except over Tamiya Grey Primer and overcoated with Testors Flat and Semi Gloss clears. Flocked with Ken's Fuzzy Fur #138 Dark Red. I'm painting the Mopar Tuff steering wheel as I type this and I still need to print out and mount the gauges. Seats are resin copies of those found in the Revell Dodge Magnum kit.





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