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When was the last time you saw one of these? Pulled this disco baby out of the parts box today. It's going to be getting a healthy dose of modern Corvette power and a new stance. I already cut some of the front air dam off to get wayyyyyyyyy down low and scored a healthy Corvette motor and tranny. Now to make it fit.


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Very interesting project, H-Bodys are always interesting. Just wondering, that how that Corvette engine would fit to the engine bay... I think, inner fenders away and move that engine a little back, modifications to the firewall... If you are thinking of headers, the best choice would be that the header pipes are like in gasser, you know? Or then very tricky Hooker Headers. Steering box makes that thing quite hard... But that doesn't matter, it's possible that all the parts are fitting lost of better in this scale, but I was just thinking about 1:1... Those wheels and tires, impossible to use them if there are inner fenders in the front. Because in 1:1 car, there is 15'' quite high profile tires and they just fit, I mean there is only a few millimetres room when turning the wheels...

But keep on building, don't won't to stop you!

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I gave up on that awful chassis early on. Going for a pro-touring vehicle, I cut down a stock car chassis to fit. Here's my WIP URL if you're interested. The body is the ONLY decent thing about this kit. In fact it shares an interior, chassis, engine with a IMSA Mustang released about the same time. How's that for lame?


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Very cool! I have a couple of those kits and have been debating if I want to build drag cars out of them or do something different. For some reason the more "dated" all that body work begins to look, the more I want to build one that way. This will be a fun one to watch. How about grafting in a Vette interior too?

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The frame is starting to get painted and assembled as I work my way from the back to the front. Getting the exhaust tucked up was a real PAIN!


I've got some strong elves in the shop so I had them flip the chassis over, climb up into the rafters and take some pics :D.


Starting to fit the front nose and hood, which by the way didn't fit to well


the new power plant fits like a glove


Now for the shout out......does anyone here have an extra Revell IMSA wing that came in this kit and the firebird/camaro kits? I think mine was still taped to the piece of cardboard that got tossed :P

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Latest updated pics. As you can tell, the replacement wing has arrived.


I went ahead and cut open the cowl vents. You can also get a good look at the full cage now, which is tucked up real close to the interior panels.


The almost completed chassis


Now to come up with a color scheme. Right now, I'm leaning towards a blue with silver graphics....but that can always change

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Nice scratchbuilding! :) Those inner fenders are looking great, I mean that they are nicely done and fit perfectly with that engine. Great work with it. Can't really wait to see it finished, because it looks so good already. Those wheels are bad, I think and they never could fit to Monza without new inner fenders in the front and new ones in the back also. But that doesn't matter too much.

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