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Tamiya Primer

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>Tamiya is not only NOT the best, it is not important.

that might be your opinion (and thats what it is, an opinion, unless you got something scientific to back it up), but i dont share it.

thanks though.

In my opinion, Tamiya is the best for models. I don't mind airbrushing paint but when it comes to primer, I would rather spray it from a can. Duplicolor Filler Primer is a good option and I do use it in some cases like resin bodies and chassis. I haven't used Mr Surfacer but it is more expensive (in spray cans) than Tamiya. I bought six cans of Tamiya when I first heard it would be unavailable for a time, so I have a good supply to get me thru until it return.

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If you happen to be near the border with the 'great white north' ie Canada check out the hobby shops here. I've had no problems picking up cans of Tamiya white or grey at my LHS. A couple of months back I mentioned to the owner the problems that I'd heard about and he responded that he was having no problems getting it in.

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