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  • 2 months later...

Heres a few mockups with the chrome bumpers and i also decided to add functional t-tops




Heres a few interior shots with my scratchbuilt speaker box. The subs, amp, and seats are from scaledreams.



Thanks for looking, let me know what you think. Billy

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If you want complete honesty.............

1). Take the rear wheel wells and reshape them closer to their original height/contour. They just seem way too small for the flank they grace. Once that is completed, slip the rear wheels into some Pegasus 23" sleeves to help fill up the well and add some balance to the rear quarters.

2). As to the rear end, I like the tail lights and bumper, they flow well with the lines. However, that lower valance just hangs below WAY too far. It makes the rear look like 300 pounds of chewed bubble gum shoved into a 20lb box! Again, personal opinion here, but maybe create a diffuser-style lower valance with center-exit exhaust to help balance the tail light panel above the bumper with the lower bumper.

3). The front valance could use the Fog Lights brought out to the same area as the headlights, and maybe a lower opening added to mimic the grill. Personally, I think it would add some balance up front and take some of the 'heavy' feel away.

I like the overall idea and think you are on the right track with it. I REALLY like the T-Top idea; gives the roof an open and airy look while showing off the interior.

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Thanks Doc! the back end isn't really as big as it looks in the first pic, and i was going to make the rear wheel openings a little, but then they make the wheels look tiny, and there isn't really enough room for wheels much bigger than whats on it so the sleeves wouldn't work very well. and the rear does have a diffuser with the center exhaust from a Zr1 corvette, it just doesn't show up very well in the pictures.

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Hey Billy, I really like what your doing.

I'll be honest with you, I'm not too sure about the interior.........but its growing on me ;)

This is my favorite shot. From this angle she looks one tough motor, mean & muscular. Love it :wub:

If this car could speak she'd growl "Pink slips? Ya think? Have a go if you think you're tough enough" Run baby run. 100_1716.jpg

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