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74 Cuda


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The old AMT snap fast kit's getting a bit of an upgrade. Body mold lines ie around windows and doors was nearly non existent and when I finally managed to cut the hood out found it was about 2.5 mm thick. Made some gutter channels for the front guards using a top sportsman floor for the munting huge tubs and rear suspension,Front and rear tires are from the AMT pro street superebee as is the basic engine. Parts box supercharger and hat, resin seats and carbs . Stance is as it sits






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Thanks guys , Got a bit done over the last couple of days. second time its been painted this week :x working nights and not sleeping during the day isnt good for modelling skills.Still got a bit to do on engine, interior and paint but heres how she is right now






Colours are Dupli color Metal specks purple, transparent yellow and a Dupli color orange down below

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I have this model that i am merging with a diecast for a cool Pro-Touring car and I have the older Pro-Street one as well that I am ressurecting. yours gives me some ideas to do to both when i dig them back out.

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Thanks guys,Got a bit more time to do some modelling today,so after a few hours work it looks almost the same :unsure: .need to redo a front seat as I changed colour and it lifted some flocking :angry: anyways, drive shafts on headers are on one side so far, glass took a bit of modding to fit ,head and tail lights are in blah blah heres some pics






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Cool project Brett! And the paint job is amazing, a popper as Virgil put it! That wawy yellow divider was a cool idea. I did a Chevy truck with the same colors, maybe a year or so ago. (But it's not finished yet.... :unsure: ) A suggestion: remove them clunky bumper guards, please?! They stick out like a sore thumb...

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