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Lindberg 1/8 dragster...... any good ?


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I see they will be coming out with their dragster kit with a compeition coupe version. Lindberg being what it is I was wondering if these large dragster kits are worth building or are they toy like some of their kits are or have been. Anyone built one or know anything about them ? Worth buying ? Thanks.

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this topic would be better off in the big boys forum, but from what ive seen that double engine dragster (and its been released as a coupe too or contained a coupe body) is kinda borderline. i do not have it and i have never built it, but i have built one of their T series and found it was just a little funny or something. sat up too high, parts looked kind of out of scale to each other, some aspects i just cant put my finger on. a good step below the monogram "big" series, especially in just looking right. on the other hand there were (and in the case of the dragster you are asking about) some really nice things about it: i always way preferred the slicks in lindberg big kits over the monogram ones. and the 12 spoke front wheels in the dragster are pretty kool. other parts look ok and some just look kinda dumb. of course this all just means it takes a bit more ambition to really make it look good and i do recall seeing an excellent build up at the NNL one or more years, with some parts swapping between it and the big drag especially.

for me it comes down to money, its (the dragster you are talking about i mean) on my short list to buy when i see it for like 50$ or so, but that day has not arrived yet. plus i am approaching out of space conditions not that that ever stops me.

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Yes it's worth buying. Either to build or kit bash for parts.

Plus, because it's a three n one, any way you build it you have parts left over.

I do mostly 1/8 scale so I'm eagerly waiting for the coupe's release.

With a little kit bashing, some resin parts and imagination you can create a lot of different builds.

Heres a few I've built from the kit ...






This started with an Exterminator chassis, resin engine & body


This also started with an Exterminator chassis & engine with resin body



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It's a great kit! Like Al said, it can be built several ways right out of the box, or it can be easily modified, or it can be kitbashed.

It's not a super-detailed kit, but it's a terrific starting point. 1/8 scale gives you a lot of detailing possibilities... the kit can be turned into a sure-fire contest winner if you put the time and effort into it. I would recommend it highly.

Mine isn't finished yet... I added just a little bit of extra detail. You could easily go way beyond the simple stuff I added and make this kit a showstopper.




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The competion coupe version was shown in one of the magazines in 2009. Does anyone know if and when it will be on the market ? Was it perhaps shelved ? I also see it listed on some on-line dealers but of coarse they all show out of stock.

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in a strange twist of fate, i just bought a parts kit yesterday at a swap meet for $5. unfortunately it is basically just the parts leftover after the owner built a freight train sort of rail but it did have the 12 spoke front wheels and tires, the potvin blower setup, the "slipper" body parts, most of the decals, and the display stantions and some other misc junk. so for $5 i figure it was worth it for the wheels.

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It has been long awaited.

You could say that, since it has been awaited since 1964. It was announced as a follow up for the Exterminator, but never made it into production until now, wow, that was quick!
This kit is going to be bought, that's for sure. And if my children have to chew bark for a Month because Brexit exchange rate and postage.

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"You could say that, since it has been awaited since 1964"

There is a modeler that has this competition coupe body ( I assume it was from a 64 prototype run.) He said he received it in the mail. He did an article on his restoration (I don't know who...just saw the article and pics. old-hermit should remember it, too...unless his mind is fading:o  like mine! Hi Al. ) I can only say it will be a pleasure to have something different.  Photo: 2 projects using the exterminator


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